With the WBC looking to be exciting, Pirates baseball is catching the fire as well. On Sunday the Bucs rolled over NL Central Rival Houston 11-4. The bucco bats were out in full force as Freddy Sanchez, Garret Jones and Craig Monroe all hit home runs.

The offense of the Pirates as always been a key to the club. Last season the offense kept the team in games because of the horrid pitching staff. This year it looks to be alot of the same. Even though we lack the pop of J-Bay and X-man we still have some quality batters in our lineup. Freddy is going to step up and make up for his mediocre season last year.

Jones too is going to be a keeper in the next few years. If he takes some time to develop in he minors he will definately be able to fill in at first when LaRoche is sent packing in 2 years.

Monroe may be one of my favorite players on this team. I’ve followed him since he was a Tiger patrolling left field on those playoff teams. He is one of the most underrated players in the league. I hope he gets a fair shot on this team. He’s showing that he surely belongs and earns a clear spot. More than likely he will be on the bench but hopefully he’ll crack the starting lineup if a starter falters. Craig has a great attitude and is determined to make up for his shortcomings last season in Minnesota.

If the pitching staff can come together things are going to come together!…sooner rather than later.


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