Family man Snell honors “heritage” in WBC

Ian Snell has always been a favorite player of mine. Since his time in the minors, throwing a no-hitter in Indy, I’ve followed the young guns progress. After his breakout season in ’07 Snell-Mania has swept me off of my feet. Last season I went as far as to purchase a Snell jersey. Wearing it proudly to each game I love when 45 takes the mound.

This college kid is not the only one representing Snell. The 27 year old himself has been overjoyed at the opportunity presented to him through the World Baseball Classic.


In this article by FOX sport’s Ken Rosenthal, Snell is described as a warm hearted man who strives off family pride. I admire Snell for his strong desire to win and criticisms of the Pittsburgh front office. He is also very admirable in his background story. He’s been very intriguing to me in the past. I’ve viewed him as a unique individual partly because I coul not for the life of me figure out his ethnicity. I commend Snell for his desire to pitch in the WBC and dedicate his accomplishments to his family.

As Puerto Rico moves on in the tournament I’m looking for Snell to provide more quality starts for the team. Hopefully, upon his return to Pittsburgh we will see the same desire, heart and integrity.


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