Pirate cast-offs pace Netherlands

So whats the deal with the Netherlands? Or is it Nederland? I though they were just the dutch! Whatever their story is this team has captivated not only their nation, but the world. The came through in the clutch at the right time. It was great to see them send the DR home packin’. The orange and black unis look great on TV and great in their winning triumphs.

It was great to see a pair of ex-Pirates step up and succeed. Former prospect Yurendell De Caster drove in the game winning hit. Sausage-gate suspect Randall Simon provided veteran leadership for the relatively unknown club.

Simon used this tourney as a job interview for a spot on a big league club. He’s been out of the MLB for a handful of years, mainly because of his physical demeanor and lack of a work eithic. His time in Pittsburgh was short but special. Simon provided pop at the plate and a big target over at first.

For many year in the early 2000’s I believed de Caster had a great future in this franchise. He looked good in the field and could hold his own at the plate.  After his release from the Pirates he has bounced around the minors not quite finding a home. After his performance in the WBC he has shown that he still can play at the big time level.

It will be interesting to see if eithe rof these guys are picked up by a club by the end of spring. Until then I wish them and all their Netherland (Nederland/Dutch)  countrymen luck in the tournament.


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