We tied the AL Champs!

Well nothing to be too proud of, didn’t get the W but still a solid performance. I was digging the lineup today…

  1. Andrew McCutchen (CF)
  2. Jose Tabata (LF)
  3. Adam LaRoche (1B)
  4. Craig Monroe (RF)
  5. Steve Pearce (1B)
  6. Andy LaRoche (3B)
  7. Brian Bixler (SS)
  8. Luis Cruz (2B)
  9. Jason Jaramillo (C)

Talk about a glimpse of the future. Cutch, Tabata, Pearce, An. LaRoche, Jaramillo.

All guys that could/will be starters by next season.

Of course I always like to see Monroe out there. Getting a position spot in the field is something new to him this spring. It was good to see him out there getting used to the grass and running down balls. I’m sticking to my guns and saying he will be a starter come opening day.  


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