Perhaps the greatest baseball game ever played in quite some time….and I couldn’t watch it. The USA will advance to the semis of the WBC for the first time ever. The come from behind rally was epic to say the least. USA downed Puerto Rico in the bottom of the 9th thanks to key hits and walks. Finally, Met’s third baseman David Wright put the game away with the RBIs needed to defeated PR 6-5.

After the game Wright’s eyes lit up like a child. He clearly was amazed by the moment and will enjoy the glory of the victory for quite some time.

“The clebration was pretty wild,” Wright told reporters after the game. “I never thought we’d be dog piling in March.”

When asked where this ranks on his all time hit list. Wright responded, “Thats right up there at the top. Your talking about Representing the United States of America. You’re representing a nation.”

Something this special and heartwarming, and still not on regular television.

I thought ESPN would broadcast every game played by the USA but too bad so sad for. MLB Network seems like the greatest invention known to a baseball loyalist. Too bad for me, I do not receive this exclusive channel on my basic cable. To at least gain some of the experience I gametracked the game on It is definitely informative and pretty cool to follow, however it lacks the luster of watching  a live game.

While I will surely remember where I was during this game, it will not rank at the top of my list…because I couldn’t even watch the darn thing.


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