It is Thursday March 19, 2009. The NCAA tournament is upon us.

It could be what some call the greatest time of the year. Days off from work, office polls, Cinderella stories, one shining moment…the month of March has it all.

Today there are some good match ups with decent chances of some upsets. I can see VCU over UCLA, Minnesota over Texas and Michigan over Clemson . While not going too much out on a limb, I picked the bracket in a very conservative manner. The higher seeds should have no trouble moving on in today’s game. The only other upset alert I could possibly see is Mississippi St. over Washington. I did not pick this game because I have been a follower of UDUB basketball since the Nate Robinson days and the Pac 10 regular season champs are stronger than they have ever been. Miss St. has a good big man in Jarvis Varnado, he scores points and grabs rebound as good as any power forward in the country.

Friday’s games seem to be more intriguing, especially because my Mountaineers will be in action. I’m quite pumped for this tourney and will post my thoughts on today’s games tomorrow.


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