Utterly Dumfounded

Well after a solid first day of NCAA college basketball, I was rather happy. Picking 14 of the first 16 correctly I was pumped and in a great position to win my pool after having a big lead amongst my competitors.

But then 3pm Friday rolled around and hit me like a brick wall.

My beloved West Virginia Mountaineers were outwitted, outplayed and outlasted by the Dayton Flyers. In a true game of Survivor the Flyers earned immunity and deserved to play in the next reward challenge.

WVU just came out flat and looked sluggish from start to finish. The team looked tired and not very enthusiastic about playing on one of the largest stages in college basketball. It was a tough scene to witness as  Dayton  manned up, drew fouls, grabbed rebounds and hit the shots they needed to hit. West Virginia missed some easy shots and let Dayton get the best of them.

I can’t even feel bad for my team, they deserved to lose. While I still think the better team lost , I have no hard feeling. I actually feel I deserve this loss, its what I get for blogging about basketball on a baseball forum.


Today just made me pumped for Bucco baseball. April 6th can’t come soon enough and April 13th will be the beginning of a new life.

I honestly don’t think I can bear to watch much more of the NCAA tourney and its still the first round! The sporting event I’m looking forward to most right now takes place on Sunday night. Japan vs USA in the WBC. It’ll be a tough task to dethrone the defending champs. With Evan Longoria in the United States lineup there will be an extra power source. Longo replaces the injured Chipper Jones. Longoria will provide extra pop as a superb bench player for the rest of the tournament. Whats great about Longoria is that he can also hold his own if called on to start. Last years ROTY has a brigh future ahead of him. No better place to start with the world watching him.

PHOTO CREDIT: bluegoldnews.com


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