Jerry Springer anyone?

So upon waking up this morning I’m greeted by a friendly message courtesy of ESPN’s bottom line.



Now you may think that this issue should just be blown over. It’s just an issue between Amalia Tabata Pereira and the baby’s family.

I think there is more to the story. Now Tabata is a handsome young man. He just turned 20 and is blossoming into one of the most complete players in the Pirates organization as well as the entire MLB. He is an easy target being that he is bound to become a multi millionaire and is probably just settling in to his new role as a professional basbeall player.

While I do have a girlfriend and have great feelings for her it’s hard for me to comprehend marriage as a 20 year old college student. Tabata is 20 years old as well. Being from Venezuala I’m sure customs are much different than here in the US. The pill that is hard for me to swallow is the fact that Amalia Tabata Pereira is 43. 43.  For those playing at home that is a 23 year difference.

I will admit there are some attractive 43 year old women out there, but I would never think of marrying any of them. Periera is proabably only in this for the money and taking adavantage of the young man.

What troubles me is that Jose could very well be involved in this. He went out of his way yesterday to release his own statement.

“I was shocked to be told today that my wife has been arrested for kidnapping. I am hurt, frustrated and confused by her actions,” Tabata said.

I hope that the young man is truthful and is not in anyway involved. He is not only a big part of our future, he IS our future. I hope that this does not get to far under his skin and takes away from his development and performance.



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