A Deeper Look Inside…NYJER MORGAN


Many Pittsburgh fans are calling for this guys head and don’t feel that it is justified. He is having a poor spring and there is a lot of competion for outfield spots. This spring Morgan is batting well under .200 and fans feel he is not taking the responsibility of being a major leaguer seriously. Not only this year, but since his first two years in the big show he has always been criticized. pirates.com messgae board posters as well as onlybucs.com forum contributers complain that his approach at the plate is sporadic and he doesn’t take proper routes to fly balls in the outfield.

I say this is all hogwash.


nyjer-catch.jpgMorgan is an asset with his glove in the outfield. He makes highlight reel catches and uses his speed to cover the spacious centerfield/leftfield grass in PNC Park. 

Theres no doubt Morgan has spped and his doubters feel he doen’t use it to his full potential. He hasn’t quite shown the ability to be a top notch base stealer, in fact he has been called out for showing incompetence on the basepaths.

It may seem like I am bashing Mr. Morgan to pieces, but these are not MY thoughts on the 28 year old athlete.

I enjoy Morgan’s passion for the game. He is happy to be playing baseball and enjoys being in Pittsburgh. Earlier in spring training Morgan went around the clubhouse with his own personal camcorder engaging players and fooling around with his buddies. He is a social butterfly bringing a good vibe and energy.

He is a good guy with his beaming smile and personable attitude. In a game last year in September, the crowd was sparse after an hour rain delay, but me and my buddies manned down the fort in our left field loonies bleacher seats. He acknowledged us and thanked us for staying throughout the game and being enthusiastic through it all. Amdist our chants of “MORGANTOWN, MORGANTOWN, MORGANTOWN!” Nyjer tossed us a ball from batting practice. I still proudly display it on my nightstand.

nyjer bat.jpg 

Nyjer can and will be a major league player. Whenever he has had the opportunity he has come through and delievered. With a career batting average in the .290’s he is an asset at the plate. He just needs to play everyday. He’s not a good bench player. Last season he would come in as a pinch hitter, cold with splinters in his butt from riding the bench. By cracking the starting lineup Morgan will be able to utilize his speed all game long and take his sound approach at the plate more often.

Some fans may remember Tike Redman. Redman was practically given the starting centerfield job by former manager Llyod McClendon. Redman had a mediocre spring and an even more ugly regular season, he was released and has currently been a minor league drifter.

I hope the results do not match up for Morgan. GM Neal Huntington has said that a player can’t lose his job in spring training meaning it looks like Morgan is secure…for now. Fans will just have to get used to the San Francisco native roaming the outfield. With undidived support Morgan will surely strive and prove his haters wrong. 


All photos are property of pirates.mlb.com 


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