New Alternate Cap

I’m a big fan of hats. I have a lot of ball caps which I wear and display atop my head proudly. Each time I visit a new city and ballpark I like to buy a hat of the home team. Recently, it occured to me that I have a shortage of Pirates hats. I have really only one that fits me comfortbaly and that is the old alternative red bill cap shown below.


Since the Pirates recenly took a big step in abolishing themselves of the McDonalds style red aternate jerseys they also rid thenmselves of these perky hats.




This style of hat was very popular. Many fans rushed to purchase one to match their red jerseys and t-shirt jeresey (much like myself). What surprised me the most was how widespread this style was a s well.

My friend in Baltimore, MD, a light hearted Orioles fan has a hat in this style. He enjoys the look and feel. It’s very fashionable he says.

Last summer my family and I took a trip to San Francisco to take in the Northern California scene. Yes the girls are warm. On our week vacation I notcied about 10 of these caps adorned by passers by.

A fad that was literally sweeping the nation.

Now that these caps have been laid to rest by the Bucco organization it will be interesting to see if the nation will still embrace the red billed ballcap.

With the new jerseys that were released for the 2009 season it did not look like there has been an issued alternate cap. The classic black bowl with yellow “P” looks like it is here to stay. Taking a page from Seinfeld..but not that theres anything wrong with that I just enjoy seeing something new on the players.

I cam across this little beauty on…


How about that for sharp. Imagine Nate McClouth running down a deep flyball, or Jack Wilson with a diving stop in the hole with this cap on their noggin. It would go great with the pinstriiped home unis that have been kept and are usually worn on Sundays. I believe this would also catch fire and spread across the country as the baseballs new “hot hat.”

I like the yellow, it brings out the secondary color of the black and gold. This hat is a perfect representation of our fair city. It can be worn with a Roethisberger jersey and a Crosby shirt. It would be a “New Era” (no pun intended for the hat company) or ‘burgh fandom.

The organization should really look into adopting this new alternative cap.


Hat pics courtesy of


One comment

  1. jonnnnnn

    Woah, that hat is disgusting man. I would hate to see the pirates wear those things on the field. I just do not like the color yellow I guess. I do the same thing you do with collecting hats, except I go for the player t shirts. Ha keep up the good blogging

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