’09 Topps baseball cards

It was a normal Saturday afternoon in the life of any college student. My roomates and I were making our monthly rounds to Wal Mart stocking up on you know…. the necessities.

Water, frozen dinners, starwberry shortcake and





Seeing this box was a sight for sore eyes. I am an avid collector of cards and there is no better way to prepare yourself for opening day than by opening the crisp coating and digging into a new crop of cards.

Even though A-Roid graces the cover and is the de-facto Topps spokeman it is still refreshing to sink my teeth into the cards.

Much to my dissapointment the cards are fairly plain this year.

I’ve been a collector all my life and compare and contrast each style from year to year. The 2009 versions just seem boring and makeshift.


2009ToppsDavidPrice-787548.jpgThis David Price card is just a sample as the set. I’ve seen cards very similair to this tyle in the early 1990’s. Fleer cards took this implistic approach and just presented the basic features. The pose of the player is prominent but the important features such as team name and player name are lacking in luster.

I do enjoy the fact that Topps exponged the signature of the player from across the baseline of the card.


The Manny card to the right is a sample from last years set.

The novelt “REDSOX” title strikes my interest right away. It’s a retro look that I thouroughly enjoy. The only drawback to this set is the signature striking through the middle. It takes away from the card as a whole. I enjoy going to games and having players autograph my cards, I do not enjoy that it is already done for me. The screen printed siggy is not a favorite of mine at all. If it is not fresh ink, it is not for me.

Goiing back to Saturday….I purchased two packs of cards much to the dismay of my roomates. I caught a lot of flack and rude comments for my purchase. They said to grow up and stop throwing my money away. While I can see and respect their point of view, I was very happy with the buy.

It all paid off when I opened to find a Nate McClouth card front and center. My eyes lit up. I was very fond of the card. It has Nate sliding across home plate in the Sunday pinstriped jersey.

I also was pleased to draw a Matt Kemp, Curtis Granderson and former bucco Jose Bautista. Just a handful of my favorite MLB players. My roomate is a die-hard Indian fan and he was enlightened when I gave him a Kelly Shoppach. He was happy for himself bu also said I’ll be sorry when Shoppach becomes “The Next Big Thing”

While the ’09 cards are not my favorite it will not hold me back from participating in one of my favorite hobbies. I will save me beer money and put it to good use as I try to build my collection. 


One comment

  1. Kaybee

    I’ve enjoyed buying the Padres’ cards for the past two years, but I didn’t like the autographs already on there either. It would be kind of weird to have a player sign something that already had his signature on it! This year’s look pretty interesting!

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