Duke is royal in Bucco win


Tonight’s game was a spectacle all Pirate fans enjoyed from start to finish. Teh offense came together and the Pitching was spot on. It was a great night to watch my team win a key game against a division rival.

Nyjer Morgan continued his hot streak going 2-6 with an RBI and run scored. It was also great to see Doumit and McClouth get on the hit board. Nate’s 6th inning solo dinger gave him his first hit of the young season and the second home run hit by a Bucco this season. Ryan collected two hits, a double and a single. However, his blunders in the field were somewhat costly and proved that mechanics are downgraded in our catcher. His catcher interference call was something that I have never seen and something that should be corrected in little league.   Also, he was picked off when rounding first on his single. He should have just stayed on the base, he had no business taking second and paid for his bonehead move.

Zach Duke was fabulous in 6.1 innings of work with only one earned run on five hits. Duke didn’t overpower hitters, but fooled them with off-speed pitches. He also struck out four batters including slugger Albert Pujols. It was great to see the reign continue for Zach, something we haven’t witnessed in over two years. 

Tomorrow’s game will close out the St. Louis series and Ross Ohlendorf will take the mound for his 2009 debut. 




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