A chilly day and nosebleed seats did not stop me from enjoying a fantastic day at PNC Park, the first time in ’09. The Pirates were not fazed by the elements either as they shalacked the Astros 7-0. Zach Duke’s complete game, 4 hit shutout in fron of 38,000 plus fans was truly a sight to behold.


These bulleted points will outline my day in Pittsburgh and at the most beautiful park in the MLB.


  • Woke up at 8 and was on the road by 9, hour trip up 1-79 and right into the heart of downtown Pittsburgh
  • The first stop was in the strip district for a good taste of the ‘Burgh Primanti Brothers. As always nothing tastes better than slaw, tomatoes, cheese, fries and the meat of your choice in between two slices of delectable italian bread. My friends in my group were virgins to the delicacy and enjoyed every morsal of their breakfast.
  • It’s not every day I get to take in the ambiance of the markets and shops of the Strip so we took in some time along Smallman Street. We stopped in many nooks of the authentic Pittsburgh stores. I enjoyed the custom t-shirts that were for sale but I’m not the biggest Penguins fan and there was enough Pens shirts to clothe the country of Thailand.
  • After getting back to the car we drove a few feet to the David L. Lawrence convention center where we parked.
  • We found a spot and made the trek across the river to the field of green. It was the first time I had ever walked across the Clemente Bridge. It really wasn’t a long walk and the weather was very nice.
  • Upon entrance to the stadium I was prepared to recieve a magnetic schedule and and a brief hello from the ticket takers. I was pleasantly surprised when I recieved not only a magnetic schedule, not only a friendly hello, but also a commemorative opening day cap. While I will never wear that hat, or any free give away hat, it is definately a nice momento on an occasion I will not soon forget.
  • As we were already in left field we headed to the left field bleachers for batting practice. We met up with my father and little brother along the left field fence and tried our best to snag some BP balls. As a high fly ball headed right over my head, I boxed out those around me and reached to the sky with my bare hands. BAD IDEA not only did my concrete hands deflect the ball, my hands stung for at least two hours. (Note to self: BRING A STINKING GLOVE)
  • After the Astro’s had the equipment packed up we checked out the team store for new merchandise. Going against my plan of buying a Doumit t-shirt ($27 dollars…come on) I purchased a Nate McClouth All Star T-shirt ($12 dollars…much more reasonable dontcha think)
  • We headed to our seats up in section 302…very last row. Right along the river, it gets cold. The westerdly winds were blowing all game long and never ceased. We were icicles by the ninth inning. My brother and dad who were on the other side of the field said they were actually hot. Unfathomable for me and my friends to believe.
  • While the weather was less than ideal the game surely did not dissapoint. 3 triples by Freddy Sanchez, a homerun by Adam LaRoche in April, another dinger compliments of Ryan Doumit and unhittable pitches by Zach Duke. Everything seemed to come together for the Bucs on the fireld.
  • Every Pirate in the starting lineup notched a hit and the Pirates even batted around in the 4th inning.
  • After raising the Jolly Roger and exiting the park I high fived the saxophone guy and requested country roads. Which he played, but also dissed my Ian Snell jersey.
  • I surely underestimated the downtown Pittsburgh traffic after the game and after work for downtown business. While sitting in the stand still traffic i called into 104.7 and proposed to Rocco Demiro an 85 win season for the Pirates. He was very taken aback by the overly optomistic proposition, but after my explanation of our outstanding pitching staff and potent hitting we can definately pull it off. 


DSCN0906.JPGMe and my bro, Zach before the game 
















  1. jonnnnnn

    Wow dude my day was really similar to yours, only we went to Dennys and I was not cold in my seat haha. I also got on roccos show and I made a stupid question about a foot race with nyjer duffy mccutchen and Randall simon LOL I probably sounded like a major jag off. I think I heard u on the show, I remember someone saying 85 wins. Did u mention the rays in it call?? Anyways, it was a great game and I can’t wait to go back wednesday! Haha


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