Opening Day; just hours away

You ever see those Disney World commercials where the kids are restless in their beds?

The little boy and his sister run into their parents room because their too exited to sleep becuase they leave for Disney World the next day.

I’m feeling the same exact way!

I’m waking up in a mere 7 hours to prep for the hour trip from my apartment in Morgantown, WV up 1-79 into the Steel City.

I should be resting up so I will be bright eyed a bushy tailed ealry in the morning but I just can’t make myself fall aslepp. With Sportscenter echoing on my 13in tv and Youtube clips of Pirate highlights from years past I’m only encouraging myself not to go to bed.

With seats in section 302, row Y I pretty much have the worst seats in the house, then again, it’s PNC Park; Greatest park in the nation.

Look at this picture and tell me otherwise…..


Ahhhhh, just take it all in. Breath taking isn’t it?

No other stadium in America (or even Canada) can offer that view. The picturesque backdrop of the city and small confines add up to an unforgettable baseball experience.

My friends who are going to the game with me aren’t necessarily the biggest Pirate fans. In fact they are Rays, Orioles and Indians fans respectively. They will enjoy the game. Due to the fact its a real baseball game played in the National League, they will be able to feast their eyes on a great ballpark experience in a beautiful spring day.

Hopefully the atmosphere and fanfare of opening day will add up to a thrilling Bucco win. If not, there are plenty of other games to be held. However, there is nothing like the optomism of an opening day win to brighten your spirits for the rest of the season.

Instead of seeing Mickey, Goofy and Donald I will be seeing Nate, Zach and Nyjer. It will be a great day and all festivities will be recorded and posted to the PittPeas later in the day. Stay tuned for pictures, videos and comments from opening day in Pittsburgh.





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