It was a great time BEFORE and AFTER the game…

I’ve rarely been to a game before the gates open. Today proved that I should do it more often. Not only did I only pay 4 dollars for my bleacher seat, I also caught a ball, won a plate and ate at Jerome Bettis’s Bar and Grill. It was Giant Eagle Advantage card day at the park, good for 5 dollars off any seat in the stadium.

It was really a great day. Except, the Pirates fell to the Braves 11-1. By fell I mean the Pirates were destroyed by the Braves 11-1. Zach Duke was letting batters drill him all day long. It was a complete 180 from his 4 hit complete game shut out.

I dont get whats up with the offense on days like this. Some games we get more production than we can ask for and then today comes along and we can barely get on base. We make decent pitchers (Chris Carpenter, Mike Hampton and today Javier Vazquez) look like gems on the mound. Sometimes it gets embarrasing.

Thats me with the ball I got in batiing practce. Brought my glove this time and was able to snag one thrown into the crowd. Pirates relief pitcher Donnie Veal threw it up.

Sunday vs Braves 012.JPG Today was also the debut of my new Pirate windbreaker jacket., I feel classy in it, plus its very nice on a windy, rainy 50 degree day liek today. Im pumped to wear it to another game and aroudn town. It also has the feel as a nice golf jacket.

After the game my and my group mosied on over to Jerom Bettis Grill 36. A new restraunt in between PNC Park and Heinz Field. Let me tell you it is a beautiful restraunt. It has a great atmosphere and is a great shrine to Pittsburgh’s beloved bus. The food is great and the prices are resonable. I was able to catch some of the Pens game and it was nuts when they scored teir first two goals. It is a great sports bar that I will frequent often and recomend to everybody that plans on visiting Pittsburgh.

Sunday vs Braves 015.JPG

The facade of the fairly new Jerome Bettis resteraunt on the North Shore


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