Kip Wells Watch

kip wells.jpgKip Wells…man where do I start. Back in the 2001 off season I remember being so pumped that the Pirates recieved him in a trade that sent Todd Ritchie to the White Sox. As an avid baseball card collecter I remember reading Beckett Baseball Card monthly and studying hot prospects whose cards would soon be worth big bucks. Wells was listed in the hot top 25 and nonetheless I had one of his minor league cards. Becoming a Pirate would be a great way for me to watch this up and comer and support him playing for my team.


I got my card autographed at the Pirates Caravan that came to my former hometown of Youngstown, OH. I was very excited, the complete opposite of Wells’s reaction. He kept to himself and never really had a smile on his face. I would soon relaize me and this guy would never have a good relationship.

His sour attitude upon his shortcoming as a bucco made me despise him everytime he took the mound. What sent me over the edge was when I attended a game in Cincinatti there was a sparce gathering of Pirate fans along the infield fence during batting practice. I had a ball out ready for autographs for whoever walked by. Kip comes over, everybody yelling his name and cheering in support, but what does he do? Snubs the crowd without acknowldgement or any sense of care. My mother, who is not the biggest Pirate fan, or baseball fan for that matter, was very taken aback by his gesture and developed the same harsh feelings for Kip.

Since his departure from the Pirates in 2006 he has been a drifter, playing for the Rangers,
kip.jpg Cardinals, Rockies, Royals and most recently the Nationals.

The reason for this rant is that I saw his anme mentioned on Sportscenter tonight, he has been promoted to the Nationals big league club where he will pitch out of the bullpen. I found it amusing that a kid with such great promise has turned into what Kip Wells has turned into. Pretty much just a forgotten big leaguer with no future, sorry for the negative sentiments. His stats has been dismal these past three years and this very well could be his last hurrah in the major leagues. I look forward to keeping track of his Nats tenure. If he succeeds—all the best. If he fails—-I hate to say, I told ya so.








  1. elunia

    Thanks 4 leaving a comment on my last entry….unfortunately, I wasn’t able 2 read it because I accidentally deleted it (that entry had posted twice for some reason). Feel free to leave it again, if you are so inclined. 😉 As for Kip Wells…. 2 words…. Kyle Farnsworth. When he was in Chicago, he thought he was gonna be the next legendary pitcher in the Bigs. Where is he nowadays?!? I lost track. (lol) Great blog btw. U have a really unique voice.

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