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jolly-roger.gif I’m baffled. Being a Pirate fan is one of the most confusing loyalties I can think of. One night, we’re shut out. We look like we couldn’t even get a hit off a 12 year old, the next night we torch the opposition with 11 hits and 8 runs, exactly what we did on Monday.

With every position player in the starting lineup getting a hit, the rally was on going all game. With Craig Monroe seeing starting action in right field and Jason Jaramillo playing behind the plate, two reserves got great experience and were a major part of the blowout win.

Monroe was 1-4 while scoring a run and Jaramillo was 2-4 scoring a run of his own.

nate2.jpgAs always, fireworks were let off after the Bucco win, however the offensive fireworks came in the 6th inning. Nate McLouth jacked a homerun over the right field wall, out of the park. The ball bounced off the riverwalk and SPLASH into the Alegheny. It was only the 24th ball to land in the water in the history of PNC Park.

While the offense provided the headlines, Ross Ohlendorf led the sidebar. 
 Going 7 innings only allowing 2 hits, the quality start for Ohlendorf was a real confidence booster and showed how commanding he can actually be. Its not everyday you completely shut down the MLB’s best team. The Pirates handed the Marlins just their second loss of teh season, by doing so the Bucs flat out embarrased the Fish. 2 hits through the course of the game, allowed the Pirates to exploit the over rated Florid team.

However, the real embarrasment came in the stands. An announced attendance of just over 8,000 made PNC Park look like an empty abyss. The crowd looked even smaller than the announced attendance. With all the deal offered by the organization and the team actually playing good, its amazing that more people don’t come out to support the Bucs. As a college student I try to do my share. I’ve been to three home games already on the young season. Obviously, I can’t make every game, and neither can the entire population of the Burgh metropolitan area. But at lease show an effort people. You make the city look bad when you don’t show up! I guess the game could technically be seen as a sellout, if blue plastic seats took over the world! The game was even seen live on ESPN for a brief moment for a live look in. Across the country baseball fans and sports fans in general saw first hand our lackluster fan support. Looks like we may need to borrow the jolly roger’s eye patch to cover up the black eye our team, stadium, organization, franchise and city just recieved. 



  1. Lissi

    I’m sorry about the poor turnout. It is frustrating. St. Louis has never had a problem but Cleveland can be pretty empty especially in April. I didn’t see PNC last night but Kansas City is usually pretty bad too. At least the people who came were probably Pirates fans instead of the other team or Cardinal fans who just want to see baseball like in Kansas City. It is pretty sad.

  2. Elizabeth D.

    I did not know that PNC Park was right on the Alegheny river. Do people ever kayak out there during games to catch balls like they do at AT&T? The Marlins had pretty miserable attendance last year–now they have some bandwagon fans going. Does PNC have one of those “splash hits” meters or whatever that keep the number of balls hit into the water?

  3. noni

    I’m sorry you miss Jay Bay, but believe me, we will take good care of him here in Boston.
    He is such a good ballplayer, but he’s also a nice guy.

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