A Deeper Look Inside…Matt Capps




capps.jpg“The Mad Capper”

“Big Bull Rider”

Matt Capps could be called which-ever you prefer. The only thing he prefers is a save opportunity. WIth 5 already on the season, Capps is automatic when he’s on the mound. The 6’2 245 guy is as big as advertised. Following in the footsteps of heavy set closers, Bob Wickman and Eric Gagne, Capps has a unique style of power when pitching. 

Since being on the big league club since 2005 Capps’ presecence has always been felt. Totaling 45 saves over the past four years he is among the elite closers in the major league.

The Pirate’s organization is no stranger to a strong closer. Number 43 Mike Williams was a fan favorite for many of the beginning years at PNC Park. In ’03 Williams set the Pirates record for saves with 43. That mark can easily be surpassed by Capps.

more pirates 011.JPGCapps is no stranger to big league talent. The Douglassville, GA native played on Team Georgia in 2001. The team featured young 20-something ball players that represented their home states in Oklahoma City during the SUn Belt classic. Brian McCann and Jeff Francour joined Capps on the team.

Capps, a bachelor and only 25 years old has been on his fair share of wedding parties. He was best man to fellow pitcher Zach Duke. The comraderie on any team is great and will provide for great chemistry and success in any situation. It’s great having a duo like this on our team.

Capps is not tenth on the all time saves list for a Pirate. WIth many outstanding years ahead of him, he should have no problem making a name for himself in the Pittsburgh organization

capper.jpgPHOTO CREDIT: postgazette.com/mlb.com   



  1. Amazin86er

    Matt Capps is an underrated quality reliever who does not get the air time that a player would in a larger market. I personally would like to see the Pirates become the baseball rich franchise they once were. I also believe they play in baseball’s most beautiful ballpark. I always enjoy my visits there. If you so wish to, stop by and participate in my daily baseball trivia to earn points towards the challenge of being crowned “The 1 Constant Baseball Trivia Guru” for 2009 and a small baseball related gift/prize. There will be a new trivia question posted in the 12:00-1:00PM hour each day.

  2. juliasrants

    Hey Matt – stop back by my blog tomorrow – there will be a little baseball history lesson on what Dave Roberts means to the Red Sox and the Yankees! A nice lead up to the upcoming weekend series between the two teams. (Well – at least nice for Red Sox fans! lol!)


  3. rockymountainway

    Matt- Nice work on Capps, but thought I’d help you out on the giganto photo. I’m guessin that is your work and when you uploaded it, it was over 3,000 in size. Movable type only allows for a width of 500, so if you resize it to 500 and click on use thumbnail width you’ll get the whole pic in without having it stretched and distorted! Just tryin to help. If you already knew that and were going for that effect rock on!

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