Friday Pick ’em Contest

My boy Jon over at “The “Mc” Effect” has been running a contest every week when you pick the winners of the Friday baseball games. So far Iam in 5th place overall. After a strong second place sprint in the first round I fell a little bit in last weeks contest. Hopefully I can bounce back this week with Ian Snell leading the Pirates to a solid win over the Padres in San Diego. While historically Pittsburgh underachieves on the west coast, with the way our pitchers have been pitching we will ride their backs til the magic runs out.

National League:
Pirates over Padres
Reds over Braves
Mets over Nats
Philies over Marlins
Astros over Brewers
Cubs over Cardinals
Dbacks over Giants
Dodgers over Rockies
American League:
Rangers over Orioles
Red Sox over Yankees
Indians over Twins
Tigers over Royals
White Sox over Blue Jays
Angels over Mariners
Rays over Athletics

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