Brian Giles=Bucco Killer

Well it’s nearly 2am on a Friday night and just like everybody else on the WVU campus, I’m wide awake. With music blaring out my window and everybody awake and drunk, they’re having a good time. Me on the other hand, am quite depressed. I hate when the Pirates lose, I hate when the Pirates lose in extra innings and I really hate when a former Pirate beats the Pirates in extra innings. All three occured tonight. In the bottom of the 12th of the 1th with Chris Burke on second Brian Giles came through with a sharp line drive into right field. It hurt inside. I had passed up a night of debouchery (yes debouchery) to stay on my couch and watch my team. It also hurt because seeing Giles come through in the clutch brought back fond memories.

giles.jpgThe good old days of the 100 loss first season at PNC Park. Giles hit a walkoff homerun against the Astros towards the end of summer. I’ll never forget fathers day 2001 when Giles slid across home plate to down the Indians and give the Pirates their first series sweep of the year. Giles was a good player and i’ll never forget his batting stance, short stature, power swing and of course the McLouth-esque slicked back blonde hair.



I really do feel we should have won this game. We were right in it but squandered key opportunities. Here are my 3-up, 3-down for tonight’s contest.

3 UP

  1. Jason Jaramillo- Great plate discipline and game control. He can definately handle the weight for these next 8-10 Doumit-less weeks
  2. Ian Snell- solid game in a quality start. Looking to finally come around and become the starter we all knew he could be.
  3. Brandon Moss- 1st RBI of the year….bout time bud


  1. Jack Wilson- 0-5. Pooped, yes pooped out on a bunt, that could have broken the game open.
  2. Nyjer Morgan- while he is leading the NL in stolen bases with 6 he wa spicked off on a key base running incident in the 9th inning.
  3. Matt Capps- gave up the winning run, looked shaky and not his overpowering self.

Well, there’s two more game to be played. With DUUUUUUUUKE on the mound tomorrow it’ll be interesting to see if his hot streak continues. Gotta get the whole team back on the hot streak more than anything.




  1. jonnnnnn

    it wasn’t fun for me either man, stinking Giles. Honestly I thought we were done scoring after the first run and when we fell to being down 3-1 I was about ready to give up, I thought there was no way we could put any runs on the board with the way that lineup looked in the first couple innings. I was very impressed with their ability to get the 2nd and 3rd runs with really good at bats. We only hit the ball hard a couple times (Hinske and Andy), but we still stayed in the game, which was very impressive.

    McLouth is a huge loss and we probably would’ve won that game if he’d have been in the lineup. Let’s hope he’s back tonight.

  2. popejonash

    Nothing like pooping out a bunt to kill a rally. I went nuts when I saw Carlos Delgado hit a basees-loaded chopper back to the pitcher for a 1-2-3 double play. What a pain in the neck. Good luck with Duke on the mound tonight. I really fancy your chances of getting a win. Ash

  3. Kaybee

    Great series…for you guys! I’ve gotta give you credit, the Pirates are reallly hot right now. You really pounded my Padres hard. But Friday’s game was amazing 🙂 Cool year for baseball so far, huh? Who’d have thought that the Padres and the Pirates would be this good? GO PADRES!!

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