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Clemente_3000_Hit.jpgJust as the great Roberto Clemente did on the night of his 3,000 hit to the fans of Pittsburgh, I do the same to all of you. I tip my cap to my readers, commenters and the entire blogosphere community. It was a great honor to log onto the main page and see myself as the Featured Blog. It’s a cool feeling and I appreciate the recognition.

What can I say I have a lot of fun blogging. To follow my team is one thing but to put it in words and share it with baseball fans far and wide is a great experience. Every day I’m on here updating my own page while reading others. Its honestly where I come first when I am hungry for some MLB news. There’s nothing greater than the voice of the fans. From my time blogging on here I’ve seen three Pirate blogs as the Featured Blog. Kind of a testament to our loyalty and dedication dont ya think. 

As a journalism major this is something I want to be doing the rest of my life. Covering a sports team gives me a rush like I actually am part of the team. Doing so with the Pirates here and with the WVU baseball team is great experience and I love every minute of it. As a matter of fact I’m heading out the door very soon, scorebook and tape recorder in hand, for the West Virginia-Morehead State baseball game. Its a cloudy night here in Morgantown and the graying skies look ominous. I’m hoping they get this game in. It is a much needed break from the hardships of studying for finals. When I get back from the game I’ll write my postgame wrapups and tune into FSN Pittsburgh hopefully to find my Buccos beating the Brewers. Untill then thanks again mlblogs.com! LETS GO BUCS and LETS GOOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS 



  1. ohy22xd

    Great entry and congrats! I know what it feels like when your blog gets on the main page. My blog went up there a couple of months ago. Keep up the good work and don’t stop blogging!
    Btw, I want to major in journalism in collage as well 🙂http://hyunyoung.mlblogs.com

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