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Meet Yovani Gallardo

The ace pitcher of the Milwaukee Brewers. Gallardo has been a key component of the Milwaukee pitching staff for the last two years. He has been even more of a cornerstone now that Ben Sheets and CC Sabathia are no longer with the club. In Wednesday’s game Gallardo was just nasty. Picking up his third win of the year he went 8 full innings only giving up two hits to the Bucs.

On the other hand Ian Snell to the mound for Pittsburgh. 7 full innings, 5 hits and one earned run was Snell’s stat line for the night. Any pitcher would take those numbers, especially Snell. The one thing that was dicouraging for Snell was how the one run was given up.

Meet Yovani Gallardo

 Yes this is the same Yovani. The same Yovani Brewers fans all know and love, Pirates fans, not so much. Not only did he embarass Bucco batters with his slew of pitches, he also embarasses Ian Snell. Gallardo jacked a 7th inning dinger over the left field fence. Not only did the pitcher belt the homerun, he also had the only RBI of the game. Thats right folks the Pirates lost this one 1-0. Hard to swallow indeed.

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Don’t worry Ian, it happens to the best of us.

It just stinks that this could have been a great confidence booster to not only Ian, but the rest of the club. We were swept by the Brew Crew, the first occurance that we’ve had to suffer through all year. The losing streak alos continued. The Pirates have now lost 18th straight against the Brewers. No doubt about it they are a good team. Their offense is stellar and their pitching is overachieveing. Right now both the Bucs and Brew Crew stand at 11-10 on the year, 2nd place in the NL Central. 

Pittsburgh finished their road trip 2-4. Not too bad considering it faced decent competition and historically the team lays an egg on roadstands early in the year. Returning to PNC Park this weekend, the Pirates hope to right their ship. With another NL Central opponent, the Reds, Pittsburgh will have the opportunity to catch up with the Cardinals for the Central lead. 

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  1. carpie19

    Sorry about the sweep. And to be fair, it’s only 18 in a row at Miller Park. It’s 13 in a row overall. PNC Park used to be the bane of the Brewers existence. It’s that other ballpark in Pennsylvania that’s been giving them trouble lately. I’m hoping come Monday that the winning streak continues, but since we’re all tied up for 2nd place right now, may the best team win.

  2. Erin Kathleen

    Matt,In response to the question you asked on my blog: Target Field is about a mile and a half north of the Metrodome on 5th St. I think the Twins’ website has directions, but it isn’t really that hard to find. Have fun on your trip :)-Erin

  3. taleoftwoleagues

    The bad game Maholm had really killed me for fantasy points.

    Its surprising too considering how good his pitching has been as of late.

    I still think the Pirates have a long fight ahead. Its definitely not even close to over for Pitt


  4. Sportfan07

    1. Gallardo was sick against us, too…we got 1 run off the Brewers that game and it was AFTER he left…haha

    2. I remember when Santana gave up a Grand Slam to King Felix last year…not cool.

    Anyway, hang in there! Go Bucs…

  5. Lissi

    That is pretty cool though about a pitcher pretty much winning the game all by himself. Sorry y’all got swept. I know the feeling. haha It’s actually not funny. At all.
    How about those Cardinals though? 😉
    Oh and this is interesting… I was looking at the standings this morning (I don’t know why, it’s just sad) and I noticed that the difference between first and last in the AL Central is the same as the distance between first and second in the NL Central. AL Central sucks. Y’all would be tied for first in the AL Central I believe if that helps. 🙂

  6. Dillon M

    A pitcher’s dual. Literally. One pitcher gets the only run of the game on a homer. I love it!

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