A Deeper Look Inside…Jason Jaramillo


An offseason acquisition, nobody could imagine where Jason Jaramillo would be today. In an exchange for catchers the Pirates shipped Ronny Paulino to Philadelphia for JJ. Not really a questionable move, everybody assumed both players were of equal talent and equal potential. Who knew a change of scenery would make such an impact in such a little time. Nobody could have imagined Jason Jaramillo would be the most important signing of the offseason.

Jaramillo has always been a wildcard in his younger days. As the highest rated catcher in high school coming out of Racine, Wis, Jaramillo took a scholarship to play across the country at Oklahoma State. JJ led the Cowboys to a BIG 12 Title and an appearance in the College World Series.

jj35.jpgIf you’ve ever seen the movie “Summer Catch” with Jessica Biel and Freddy Prince Jr., Jason was Prince Jr.’s character of Ryan Dunne.


A striking resemblance don’t ya think? Jaramillo played in the Cape Cod Summer League in 2004. The movie was based off the league.

With his time in the Phillies minor league system, Jaramillo was a work horse. He led the International League in games. His defensive stats are also impressive as he led the league in putouts and assists. Jaramillo has a strong arm and gives pitcher’s great control of the game. He settles down pitcher’s and has a way of communicating with battery mates that makes them comfortable.

At the plate, Jaramillo has a long track record of success. Always batting in the .290s Jaramillo has teh ability to get on base. While he lacks the power of becoming a long ball threat, JJ is the ideal National League catcher.

For what Jason has been able to do since Ryan Doumit landed on the DL is remarkable. In nine starts for the Buccos this year, he has hit safely in 7 of them. For a young guy making his major league debut, that is a phenomenal way to start your big league career. Jaramillo is currently batting .345 and has been hot in his time in the lineup. His ability to make an impact in dire situations.



  1. tobyjeffers@aol.com

    Hey man, don’t you wish the pirates had at least (gasp) twenty thousand fans at a single game. Don’t you wish the fans (if there are any) had undying optimism. Don’t you wish the pirates had ONE winning season during your lifetime. You are obviously jealous of Cubs Nation!

  2. Elizabeth D.

    Never would have thought of the similarities between Jaramillo, and Ryan Dunne. By the way, congratulations on being the featured blog of the week last week! And I saw, while at the Rays vs Red Sox game, that the Pirates won.

  3. tobyjeffers@aol.com

    Hey man, don’t you wish the pirates had at least (gasp) twenty thousand fans at a single game. Don’t you wish the fans (if there are any) had undying optimism. Don’t you wish the pirates had ONE winning season during your lifetime. You are obviously jealous of Cubs Nation!

  4. mattpeas

    you know what i am kinda of jealous of the cubs. i mean they have a great fan base and a committed front office. just like a lot of teams. they also have their games broadcasted on national television. that would be amazing if the pirates could pull that off. i am however not jealous of 100 years without a title. we have 5 and that is very solid amongst other organizations. and the buccos have had winning seasons in my lifetime. my earleist baseball memory was watching the 1992 NLCS. it obviously did not turn out in our favor but it was cool to see my team there and competing

  5. tobyjeffers@aol.com

    101 reasons to love the Cubs:

    1. Wrigley Field
    2. Cubs-Sox rivalry
    3. Die-hard fans
    4. Chicago baseball
    5. Billy Williams
    6. Old-fashioned scoreboard
    7. Ivy covered walls
    8. Wrigley North (and Wrigley East, West, South…)
    9. Ron Santo and Pat Hughes
    10. Go Cubs Go by Steve Goodman
    11. Day games
    12. Wrigley Field bleachers
    13. Derrek Lee
    14. Cubs Nation
    15. 7th inning stretch guest conductors
    16. Nothing like a sunny day at the yard
    17. Kerry Wood
    18. Wrigleyville
    19. Three Fingered Brown
    20. ‘W’ Flag
    21. Team loyalty
    22. Mr. Cub – Ernie Banks
    23. Knothole in right field
    24. Vine Line
    25. 2003 Division Champions
    26. Clark, Addison, Sheffield and Waveland
    27. Harry Caray
    28. 40,000 fans chanting ‘Let’s go Cubbies!’
    29. Eternal optimism
    30. Wrigley Field Marquee
    31. Ryne Sandberg
    32. Back to back World Series Champions 1907-1908
    33. Catch the games on WGN
    34. Kosuke Fukudome
    35. Wayne Messimer’s national anthem
    36. Andre Dawson
    37. Old school entertainment
    38. Trains down to the ballpark
    39. Awesome/friendly fans
    40. Fergie Jenkins
    41. Cubs Convention
    42. Rooftop bleachers
    43. Alfonso Soriano
    44. Celebrity bat kid contest
    45. Brick walls
    46. Cubs-Brewers rivalry
    47. Tradition
    48. Division leader flags
    49. Budweiser house
    50. Homers onto Sheffield and Waveland
    51. Jack Brickhouse
    52. Lou Pinella
    53. Tinkers to Evers to Chance
    54. Carlos Zambrano
    55. The Friendly Confines
    56. Len Kasper and Bob Brenly
    57. Back to Back Jacks!
    58. Ernie Banks statue
    59. Greatest fans in baseball
    60. Flags for retired jersey numbers
    61. Cause it’s root, root, root for the Cubbies!
    62. Cubs-Cardinals rivalry
    63. Catchy Miller Light sign over right field
    64. Kerry Wood’s 20 Ks
    65. Cubs shops around the ballpark
    66. Traditional jerseys
    67. Pure baseball atmosphere
    68. Eight All-Stars in ‘08
    69. It’s Gonna Happen!
    70. All the seats are great at Wrigley
    71. Awesome Cubbie Bear symbol
    72. Aramis Ramirez
    73. Harry Carey Tavern
    74. Back to back division champs 2007-2008
    75. Throwing back other teams’ home run balls
    76. “Holy Cow!”
    77. Cubby Swagger
    78. Carlos Zambrano’s no-no
    79. Ballhawks
    80. Attendance contest
    81. Geo-2008 Rookie of the Year
    82. Someday We’ll go all the Way by Eddie Vedder
    83. Road to Wrigley Game
    84. Greg Maddux
    85. Bleacher Bums
    86. You’re my Cubs by Alan Barcus
    87. Die-hards bleeding blue
    88. Rich Harden
    89. You can go anywhere in the world and still find Cubs fans.
    90. D-Lee’s gold gloves
    91. Mark Grace
    92. Batter’s eye in center
    93. Jim Hendry
    94. Faithful fans who never, ever give up
    95. Every game is a playoff atmosphere
    96. Big Z’s Silver Sluggers
    97. The Super jump
    98. ‘Eamus Catuli’ house
    99. Because they are the CUBS!
    100. Fukudome Headbands
    101. It’s going to be one heck of a party when the Cubs win it all!!

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