Exploding like the Buc’s Themselves

Well the Pirates dropped another one on Sunday. 5-0 at the hands of the Reds. Jeff Karstens picked up the loss as he served up pitch by pitch to the Reds offense. The Reds are a solid team. With a nice young core and mix of power and speed, I like their development more so than the Pirates.

They had a direction set in place and are carrying the plan out as directly as possible. While the Pittsburgh organization claims they know what they are doing, there is always room for doubt amongst the fans.

We have a core of players no doubt. McLouth, Doumit and either LaRoche rival what CInci has in Votto, Bruce and Encarnacion. Both teams ridded themselves of premium players within the last year. The Pirates got rid of Bay, while the Reds got rid of Dunn. Both teams have smattering of other solid veterans that fill out their lineup. The Pirates have Sanchez and Wilson. The Reds have Dickerson and Hernandez.

While I’ve been known to have the optomistic gene embedded in me I do believe the Reds will top us in the division this year. At the beginning of the year I boldly predicted an 85 win season for the Bucs. Based purely on young talent, anticipation and folowing suit with Tampa Bays impeccable season, I thought, why not?

With 24 games under the belt I know ask, how? How can the Pirates get back on track. We were once 4 games above .500 and a solid second place in the NL Central. After facing inter-divison rivals in the Brewers and Reds, the Bucs may have just fallen back down to earth. While I know were good there is just something missing. We lack a primetime player. McLouth is good, Morgan has been pleasant and the Brothers LaRoche have been progressing. But this past week just everything went south.

No offense at all has de-railed the Bucs. In just 6 games, 18 runs were scored. While it seems liek a decent total in the thick of things, in two of those games 0 runs were scored. One run was scored in a game as well.

It’s tough to watch especially when I need something to get my mind off my studying.

This past week I have not had time to update the blog because I have literally been “exploding”. I have been studying for finals. Here at West Virginia University, it is a hectic time. The Libraries are packed with students in every nook and I’m trying to find my place amongst them. Economic is a killer. While it is a subject that everyone should have a background in, its very confusing. Alot of it is common sense but thrown to together Average Total Costs and Variable Costs all have intertiwned my brain.

One thing that has been decent is the play of the Mountaineer baseball team. They just took 2 of 3 from Rutgers and sit in 4th place in the Big East. On Sunday junior starting pitcher Billy Gross went the full 9 innings only allowing 5 hits.                                                                
Gross had great command of his pitches and was so effective on the mound, Rutgers did not have any extra base hits. The offense was great too. Designated hitter Vince Belnome went 3-5 with 4 RBI. Leadoff man Justin Parks went yard and 3rd baseman Dan DiBartolomeo also took one deep.

The Pirates should take a page out of the Mountaineers book. While pitching and defense may win championships, offense wins games. A mix of both is ideal, the Mountaineers did just that on Sunday. I can only hope that th Pirates can find their mix this upcoming week. Although it will be difficult when the Brewers come to town tomorrow.

PHOTO CREDIT: msnsportsnet.com


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  1. russ4192

    I really think that the Reds and Pirates have both shown that they are no longer the basement of the NL Central. Both teams have good young players (I love the LF – Morgan). The Reds have been fortunate this year to be getting some great starting pitching, something we have not had in Cincinnati for a long time.Russhttp://wight4256.mlblogs.com

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