Screwed by the Brew Crew…



Personally, I can not take it anymore. The Pirates have dropped 16 in a row to the boys from Milwaukee. It’s getting old; it’s getting ridiculous. With the 7-4 come from behind victory the brewers showed once again that they own the Pirates.

Ryan Braun did not get the start in this game and I was pretty excited that their slugger was Missing In Action from the starting lineup. Little did I know he would come back to bite me in the butt. In the 8th inning who else but Braun steps up to the plate and delievers a bloop single that scores two runs and tied the game at 3. Whats more dissapointing is that the ball should have very easily been caught. It floated up in the air for what seemed like forever. When it left his bat I was pumped up for a routine fly ball and an inning ending putout. However, Brandon Moss had other plans as he slowed up and played the ball on a hop. Now I’m no major league rightfielder any mean. Heck, I couldn’t even play for my high school team but I’ll tell you what in little league, I hustled. I wanted to catch everything when I patrolled the outfield. Seeing Moss play the ball way to conservatively makes me question his motivation, drive and also his talent.

What was worse about that sequence of events was seeing the sheepish grin run across Braun’s face. 


He was a bit too jolly for my liking. He did’nt hit a home run or even get good wood on the ball to solidfy a good hit. Just by sure luck was he able to tie the game.

Now the girls of Wisconsin and sports writers across America will gush over his “clutch” performance and steady hands that helped win the game for the Brewers.

What makes matters worse is what he said after the game.

 “Unbelievable game,” said Braun,  “I was not anticipating playing, that’s for sure. It’s kind of a crazy day, something I’ve never experienced before.”

Blah, blah, blah come on man get over yourself. To make matters worse apparently Braun has never been hit by a pitch either. In last weeks series against the Buccos, Braun didn’t have enough kleenex to dry his tears after he was beaned by a pitch from Jeff Karstens.

sadbraun.jpg   Braun wasn’t too happy about the beaning and went on a tirade after the game.

“It’s rare for major league pitchers to miss by that much with the fastball,” Braun said. “We play them about 17 more times. Tell Mr. Selig, we’ll see what happens. It’ll be interesting.” I think Bud has better things to worrsy about man. While if I was Karstens I’d love to send a message to hot head Mc. Gee up there but he is a major league pitcher and he does know better. Braun didn’t stop there with the whining, also saying “that kid should know better.” Referring to Karstens.

Now according to, Karstens was born on 9/24/1982 making him 26 years old. Braun on the other hand was born on 11/17/1983. Just a tad younger than Jeff. By calling Karstens a “kid” was a belt-lining blow to a fellow major league collegue. He made himself look like like spoiled, frat boy “kid.”

If you haven’t been able to tell I have lost a lot of respect for the Brewers organization. I’ve kind of admired the franchise over the past few years. I’ve been to Miller Park, it is fantastic. The structure is beautiful and the atmosphere is grand. The current and vintage logo is cool with its bold striking royal blue color. And the players themselves are fun. The orgainzation produced and developed their own young talent and groomed them into premier ballplayers. When a piece or two was needed they go out and add a fixture that is solid and contributes to the team. I’ve supported them in their playoff run and idolized their model of a small market team. Even one of my favorite baseball movies “Mr. 3000” starring the late Bernie Mac is a Milwaukee item.

However, the cocky attitude, untucking of the shirts and overall bad mouthing of the Pirates shows the lack of class and respect this team has for a fellow MLB club. 

But in the end it is up to the Bucs to right their own ship. It is a pivital game tonight. Ian Snell takes the mound looking to avoid a 17th straight loss to the Brew Crew. Its historically fitting because the Pirates are also on the brink of their 17 straight losing season. A win tonight would be a nice turnaround as the Bucs would end the Crew streak and reach the .500 plateau once again. Who knows maybe it will even avoid the losing season streak come September, but once again. WHO KNOWS.

Taking a page out of Pedro Martinez’s book-We just have to tip our hats and call the Brewers our daddy.  









    Sounds like you have quite a beef with Ryan Braun, but to say you have lost respect for the Brewers and that they don’t respect the Pirates is a bit blown out of proportion. Braun’s ego is a bit out of control and maybe he did whine a bit about being hit, but he was pissed. How would you feel being beaned in the back with a fastball? Plus I did watch that series and there were a lot of guys getting beaned (on both sides) and it did start to get out of control and I thin k the umpires handled it appropriately.

  2. jonnnnnn

    Right on my man, couldn’t have said it all better myself. As for this carpe diem kid, look, we all understand that a guy will be mad right after getting hit by a high fastball, that’s completely understandable, we’re not mad about that. We’re angry because Braun STILL has not let this thing go. He talked about it for the next 3 days and you can tell he’s still thinking about it when he acts like a little school boy got his first hit in little league after dropping a bloop single in to tie the game, a hit that never would’ve fallen if not for the situation (Brandon Moss playing on the track). Screw Ryan Braun.


    first off, don’t call me a kid (nothing personal, just pointing it out)

    yeah braun shouldn’t have gone on about it, i agree with that. i’m not going to say one way or the other, but you have to consider the possibility that he was beaned intentionally. if that is the case, then that’s pretty classless also. i live in milwaukee and haven’t ehard anything about this subject in quite some time. you guys are talking about braun not getting over it, but you’re the ones still talking about it.

    your guy whacked our sausage with a bat, our guy threw a fit over a bean ball. so i guess it’s even and it’s time for everyone to move on.

    personally, i wish the pirates the best of luck throughout the season and would like to see them get over the hump of a winning season. i’d like to see some more parity in baseball

  4. bbbbrewers

    The Crew untuck their shirts after the game because Bill Hall’s dad, who was a blue collar worker of some sort, used to come home after a long day’s work, untuck his shirt, and relax on the couch. It signifies that. The Pirates are the laughing stock of the league. Last in attendance, worst unis, lost 17 straight to a team with the smallest market in baseball; they don’t deserve to step on the same field with the Brewers.

    And don’t be naive, Braun was beamed intentionally, and when you’re one of the best players in the game I don’t care if he calls Jamie Moyer “kid”.
    This blog is awful, very fitting for the pirates.


    The shirt untucking thing actually came from Mike Cameron for the reason stated. It isn’t done to show disrespect to the other team. It shows a hard day of work after a win (something that seems to happen a lot against the pirates). Which is probably why you have a problem with it. Although the Cubs have started mocking it after wins against the Brewers which I think is pretty comical.

    I do feel bad that the Pirates aren’t better then they are and that no one goes to the games. I’m a huge fan of Roberto Clemente and the “We are family” days. I think the park is beautiful with the RC bridge in the background. Trust me, I rather have a 17 game winning streak against the Cubs then the Pirates.


    The bucs pitcher decks our pitcher 2X in the same at bat before the Braun bean. Braun pointed to the dugout and told the ump he was angey about his pitcher being decked at the plate. 17 loses to the brewers, sounds like sour grapes. Dont get me wrong, I love all aspects of baseball, even the bean ball; what goes around….I’m looking forward to kicking the bucs butts all throughout this season. As for the no respect comment….my guess is that you have lost respect for the team you grew up with (the bucs) and are just venting your frustration. The Brewers own you!!!:)….and have more class than you will ever achieve in your little life.


    You can’t be more right. Ryan Braun is a showboating loser. It’s disgusting to see him clapping and waving his hands and jawing off at the pitcher after meaningless home runs when the Brewers already have a comfortable lead.

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