The skid continues

5….5 losses…5 losses in a row!


The Bucs can’t seem to do anything right. In yesterday’s ball game the team only mustered up 4 hits. 2 of which came from the bat of backup catcher Robinzon Diaz and one of which came from pitch Ross Ohlendorf. The incompetence at the plate has to stop. We’re a major league club for crying out loud. It’s tough to see the team get so overmatched by Todd Wellemeyer.

Coming into the game Wellemeyer has the Major League’s most hittable pitcher. Opposing teams possessed a .345 batting avergae against the veteran. Leave it to the makes to make him look liek Sandy Koufax on the mound.

craig.jpgI’ve been an advocate for Craig Monroe all season. I like what he brings to the table in terms of speed, power and leadership. He has a track record of major league experience and he tore it up in Spring Training. While he has been used sparingly in rare spot starts and pinch hitting opportunities he needs consistent time in the lineup to flourish. He got that time yesterday and completely laid an egg. Monroe went 0-4 and bobble a routine fly ball in right field. (pictured to the left). Monore has also faltered recently in his position as a pinch hitter. In his past two experiences he has gone without a hit.

It’s all part of the trials and tribulations of being a reserve player. You’re expected to perform at your best when called upon. The only problem with that is you never know when you will be called upon. No matter if you’ve been swinging the bat well or if you are rusty its hard to tell when the right situation will come up.

For Monroe the road has been long. A starter in Detroit and a reserve in Minnesota he has made the transition to the NL. While Brandon Moss has been anything but spectacular, he gets the nod over Monroe in almost every game.

If this team hopes to salvage the season something needs to be changed now. The offense is attrocious. The pitching staff has been falling apart. The team lacks experience and the talent in order to succeed and win.


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