pittsburgh_penguins.gifWell both Pittsburgh sports teams did it again. The Pirates lost and the Penguins won.

The Bucs fell to the Mets 10-1. Paul Maholm got rocked as he gave up 7 runs. No offense has been the story of the past week and with only 5 hits ammassed by the Bucco bats the incompetence continues.

On the other hand, the Pens won. Moving to 3-2 in the series play against the Washington Capitals. It was an overtime thriller, the game did not dissapoint at all from start to finish. The winning goal by Evgeni Malkin was kind of cheap but hey, a wins a win. The series now shifts back to the burgh where the hometown crowd will be hyped up as ever.

The hypeness somewhat dissapoints me. To tell you the truth I am not the biggest Pens fan. Calling me a fan may even be a stretch. I’ve only seen maybe a handful of games this season and probably only 20 in my two decades of being alive. I enjoy rooting for another Pittsburgh team but come on…its hockey. Half the people that follow and heavily root for the Pens are fair weather. They jumped on the Crosby/Malkin bandwagon and have since fallen in love with the team. A lot of them bought the merchandise, wear the jerseys and say they are die-hard. It kind of makes me mad because alot of these people couldn’t tell you what the blue line rules are, or what makes offsides-offsides. Now don’t get me wrong, I know many Pens fans who are in deed the rare breed, there from the start die-hard. One being my buddy Jared who also fits the bill as a die-hard Indians fan.

What really gets under my skin is the fact that some of these people could care less about the Pirates. While, the really haven’t given the fans much to care about, they are still a major league baseball team. Baseball=American at leats last time I checked. I wish more “Burghers would take advantage of the team they have playin AMERICA’s pasttime. The Pens actually make me upset about this topic because they steal alot of the revenue and publicity that the Bucs would be recieving if the Pens weren’t in the spotlight for actually being a legit NHL team.

It’s just hard for me to get up for a hockey team. I really don’t like the sport, I never played it, let alone ice skated in my life. I can’t relate to it the way I can simply relate to baseball. I have the utmost resepct for hockey players. There’s no possible way I could walk around on concrete and have the same agility and speed that they have on ice

I love mario Lemieux to death, he helps run a fantastic and respectable organization. Something us Pirates fans could only dream about. I would die for the Buc’s ownership group to be beloved by the city much like Mario with the Pens and Rooney with the Steelers.

I would love to see teenage girls and a young generation of Pittsburghers to soon jump on the bandwagon of teh Pirates, I’ve seen the Penguins tranformation and progression and could only hope one day the Pirates will recieve the same attention and fanfare. WIth a record of 12-18 and 7 losses in a row, I can’t see that time happening anytime soon. Untill then….

pens 005.JPG 

                              GO PENS



  1. Orangebird

    The “jealous Ravens fan” actually likes the Penguins. I don’t root for DC teams so i choose the Penguins for two reasons
    1. My favorite animal is Penguin
    2. I like Crosby
    Also watching games for Hockey they have towels, they should be called the Crosby cloths!

  2. jonnnnnn

    i completely agree with you here, again. I am really not a hockey fan, probably even less than you are just because the hype for them around Pittsburgh and in my school is so ridiculous and annoying that I just want them to lose and get it done with. Sure, I do support the Pittsburgh sports teams, but the fact is that Penguins fans are not really sports fan at all. They do just fall in love with Crosby and Malkin and then think they know about hockey and they really don’t. What I hate the most is that hockey fans really don’t seem to like other sports. Most baseball fans around here hate hockey altogether. We are all in the same boat I think. Let’s go bucs!

    p.s. Prom was a lot of fun. I’d never been so tired afterwards though haha


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