“A Bombshell Dropped in Pittsburgh”


  • 2008 Gold Glove winner
  • 2008 All-Star
  • 46 doubles in 2008
  • 2008 Roberto Clemente Award winner
  • Allegheny River splash ball

Shock. I was in complete and udder shock upon hearing the news that Nate McLouth was traded to the Atlanta Braves. Our cornerstone player, fan favorite and all around best player has been dealt away. I just don’t get it.

I’m all for improving the team. I want more than anything for the Pirates to win. I just felt lied to and dissrespected as a Bucco fan for the event that just occured. GM Neil Huntington, pictured to the left of Nate, claimed that he was a part of our winning future. He was a building block for the Pittsburgh turnaround, Not so much anymore. Gorkys Hernanadez, Charlie Morton and Jeff Locke will now be part of that glorious future. Ever heard of them? Me niether.

The Pirates play third fiddel in the city of Pittsburgh. The Steelers come first, the Pens come second, the Pirates come third. Its almost like the world has been turned upside down in the Steel City when the baseball team is brushed off. Now that the most recognizable player has been traded again, who can the casual fans identify with? They abided in Jason Bay-traded away. Brian Giles-traded away. Aramis Rameriz-traded away. While Bay, Giles, and Rameriz were traded away for younger talent, money was also in issue in each of the trades. McLouth is affordable. He was signed through 2011 making just in the low millions. WHile he was probably traded awya for upper-level prospects, we have enough. I guess you can never be too cautious about the future, but when management claims to want to win NOW, how is this move justified? I just don’t see it, and if I can’t see it, the casual fans of Pittsburgh surely wont be able to either.

Well Nate I guess Green Day said it best…






  1. rudyrob

    I’m sad for P’s fans — McLouth is a fun player to watch. Hopefully, McCutchen turns out to be the player that the experts think he’ll be.

  2. jewsonfirst and http://brooksrobinsonrules.mlblogs.com/

    I was shocked when I heard this. How do the Pirates ever expect to win when they do things like this???

    Great ballpark – awful management.


  3. Kaybee

    That is just really sad. I’m so sorry that he’s gone. I know what it’s like to lose a fan favorite like that. Hopefully you will still be able to cheer for him in a Braves uniform. Those three prospects were actually talked about in a potential Jake Peavy trade, so hopefully they will have success with you guys!!

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