A night for McCLUTCHen

It’s been a long time coming. On Thursday I finally made my triumphant return to PNC Park. This was my first trip to the beautiful ballpark since mid April when I went to a slew of games. Since school let out I’ve been hard pressed to make a trip out tho the North Shore of Pittsburgh for a Pirate game, on Thursday it all changed.

It was the rubber match between the Pirates and Indians. A big crowd was expected for the critical third game, and quite the big crowd it was.

indians game at PNC 336.JPG

As you can see it is decently packed. The announced attendance crowd was just over 30,000.  Very rare for the Burgh, especially on a weekday. It was loud the entire game too. Although alot of the people in attendance were Indians fans. Every time the Tribe reached base and scored, a throng of cheers went up. Im just overjoyed that Grady Sizemore did not play in the game. All the Indian female fans would be yelling and drooling over the guy. In the end the Pirates won 3-2, thanks to a walk off hit by Andrew McCutchen….

Yes you could…..

indians game at PNC 341.JPG

It was a great feeling being in attendance for the big win. The atmosphere was entergetic all the way through, another rarity at PNC Park. It was like a playoff atmosphere, even though I’ve never experienced anything close to a playoff atmosphere in Pittsburgh. It was definately an amazing time and an unforgettable game.

Here are some pictures with recaps on my trip to the most beautiful park in America.

indians game at PNC 321.JPG

Upon entrance to the stadium every fan recieved this T-shirt as part of T-shirt Thursday. It was a great concept for the shirt making it commerative for the game.







indians game at PNC 328.JPGPrior to the game a handful of Buc players signed autographs for their adoring fans. As a youth I would love to go down early and get players to sign cards and stuff for me. As I’ve gotten older the novelty has worn off, but Thursday I got back in touch with my inner child. Steve Pearce signed for fans for a good 5 minutes, he signed my ticket stub.




indians game at PNC 329.JPGThe big ticket was Andrew McCutchen. He was greeted by a good 30 people rushing over, pushing and shoving to get him to sign. I was amidst the fray and he signed a card for me. It was pretty cool to get him, one of the hottest players in the league and he was very humble and cordial making sure everyone down the line recieved an autograph. Good karma for him as it payed off with a great performance in the game.



indians game at PNC 346.JPG


Here is my autograph haul for the day.

-Andrew McCutchen draft pick card

-Andy LaRoche card

-Steve Pearce game ticket








indians game at PNC 335.JPG 


 Our seats were smack dab in center field, right behind McCutchen. We were right along the batting eye. It was a great view of the whole park. I have never sat there before. I was texting Jon, from the “Mc”Effect about the game. He was on his baseball road trip to D.C. and Baltimore. You can read about his journeys on his blog.






indians game at PNC 334.JPG 

 That is Andrew, the Yankee fan, and me from our center field seats. My brother Zach and two of his friends and their family were also there. We anticpated a homerun hit by us as we were only 2 rows from the field. Victor Martinez did blast one into the batting eye grass but as you can see from the previous picture we did not want to face the punishment for walking on uncharted territory.



indians game at PNC 337.JPG Sticking with the theme of family and friends I saw my good buddy Jared at the game. He is a die-hard Indians fan, I did not rub it in his face too much about the game, mostly because he hooked us up with those free Scrappers tickets. And no Julia, I’m not turning into a Red Sox fan by wearing that shirt. I am still a Pirates fan which means I can be a fan of Jason Bay. It was my “Bay 44” T-shirt. Alot of people in Pittsburgh have one because of how much we truly miss J-Bay. I got some “Go Sox” chants but most people recognized the Bay and Pirates hat I was wearing and were proud of my wardrobe selection.

indians game at PNC 340.JPG

PIRATES WIN! PIRATES WIN! McCutchen was the star of the game with 2 hits including the win single that drove in the winning run. After he notched his line drive single into right he was mobbed at first base by his teammates. It was a great moment for us Pirate fans but most importantly Cutch himself. He is here now and a force to be reckoned with. Some say he is the best Pirates prospect since Barry Bonds, I have no argument against that whatsoever. I tried to take a picture of the mob scene but could not. I was shaking with nerves and excitement from what I just witnessed. Here is a professional photo from the post game madness taken by Gene Puskar of The AP.


Enjoy it guys, the Royals are up next!



  1. Paige Landsem

    Andrew McCutchen is the best! My dad and I really liked watching him play when we were at our Pittsburgh game; he had a really good game that day. Thanks again for all of your Pittsburgh tips. We went up the incline at Station Square and really enjoyed it. It’s a beautiful city.

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