Step right up and greet the Mets

My latest visit to Pittsburgh was spur of the moment. I was taking my friend Andrew through the area to pick up his car so that he could return home to Baltimore. He had a great time in Ohio. The only thing not great about our Thursday excursion was this…

pirate games 018.jpgIt was doomy and gloomy in the Steel City. there was fog, rain, clouds and downpours. Not very pretty at all. The game was delayed from the start and also suspended during play. The tarp was on the field to start the game.

pirate games 017.jpg And taken off when the coast was clear.

To benefit the home team the groundscrew should have just left teh tarp on the entire day, the Bucs fell to the New York Mets 9-8.

pirate games 019.jpg



The game was just as promising, yet gloomy as the weather. Teh Pirates roughed up starter Tim Redding for 5 runs. Pittsburgh was up 5-0 untill the 4th inning; then the tables turned. It was then Paul Maholm who was torched. He gave up 6 runs over 4 innings and was then pulled. There is talks about placing Paul on the DL as he has not lived up to his early season promises. It should do him good to get some time off and much needed rest. By bringing in another starter to replace Maholm there will be a great opportunity to season in some new blood for a possible spot in next years rotation.

But sticking to the here and now.

The Pirates lost the game due to shaky pitching. Matt Capps came in for the hold and blew it. The bats tried as hard as they could. Adam LaRoche belted a game tying dinger in the 9th inning to even the score 8-8. Whats great about that homerun was the fact that Adam got a chance to say “I told ya so” to his doubters. He can indeed come through in the clutch and be the go-to source for power on this team. Secondly, the HR was off Francisco Rodriguez. K-Rod originally blew the save but manged to close it out in extras.

Me and Andrew were able to come away from the game with a smile on our faces.

PNC Park is a great place to go if you like free stuff. With your game ticket you can spin a wheel and win prizes. We came away with this nice clothing combo.

pirate games 020.jpg
 Very nice shirt and a cool hat.

Now Friday July 3rd was filled with many updates. 3 to be exact.

First off the Pirates Won. 7-4 was the final score as the Jolly Roger was raised over Miami, Florida with the Bucs win over the Marlins.

cutch22.jpgAndrew McCutchen looked sharp at the plate. The rookie went 2-5 with a double, RBI and run scored. He had a defensive miscue out in center which gave me some doubts on if his glove is ready for big league action. I can’t argue with his plate performance though.
















Secondly on a more somber note it was Nyjer Morgan’s first game as a National.

nyjer nats.jpg

You can see he did what he does best. Showing off his speed he stole third base after getting walked. It was his only time around the bases in the game asthe bright lights of the nations capital may have fazed him, he went  0-4. Whats even more sad is that in Pittsburgh as fresh shipment of never before worn Morgan player T-shirt jerseys were coming into the PNC Park gift shops this weekend. The vendors said they will still sell them, I hope at a much discounted price. I will surely buy one to support a true ballplayer. 

Last but certainly not least Friday was the return of Manny Ramerez to the MLB.

The game was held in San Deigo and lucky enough my good friend Angeline was in attendance.


Her family is on vacation in Southern California and to my surprise she was overly excited to see the game. She was pumped for Manny’s return, the chance to see a SoCal ballgame, and to see one of her childhood heroes, former Pirate Brian Giles. Throughout the game she sent me updates and photos through our cellphones. The Dodgers jumped out to an early lead, but no thanks to Manny. He went 0-3 and was taken out in the 6th inning. She said a majority of the crowd supported Manny because half of the stadium were LA fans. She will be posting more pictures and documentaries of her trip and baseball stories form the game. 



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    Pittsburgh isn’t doing so well but I like what they are doing for the future. I’m not so sure I would have traded McLouth but as a Braves fan they did receive some solid prospects in return. Hopefully they work out.

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