I’m talkin’ about America sweet America, God thun shed his grace on thee

works1.jpgHappy 4th of July everybody! I hope we all took time to enjoy the beautiful day with family and friends. It is a great holiday, right in the middle of summer to kick back, relax and enjoy the finer things this country has to offer.

I certainly enjoyed playing badmitton and wiffle ball in the backyard with my neighbors, going to church with my family and grilling some BBQ. However one thing always makes my Independence Day celberation complete. Hearing Ray Charles sing America the Beautiful. It is a great rendition and very much baseball related. I first heard it while watching the Sandlot. It is a touching moment in the movie when the kids gather at their ball field for their only night game of the year. They eat hot dogs while running to the field to catch a glimpse of the sky being lit up by the beautiful pyrotechnics. It is quite possibly my favorite baseball moment in a movie.

Speaking of baseball the Pirates couldn’t fully enjoy their 4th of July patriotism, they lost  5-3 to the Marlins.

The rubber match will be held tomorrow afternoon in Florida.


I hope you enjoyed these fireworks photos. They were taken at the Scrappers game last night here in Youngstown, OH. I went with my girlfirend, Kim and enjoyed a very nice evening filled with baseball and firweorks. nothing beats that combination.



  1. juliasrants

    4th of July – the holiday brings out all things American! We went to the parade in my town – is there a sound better then all the firetrucks at the front of the parade – and one our friends who were with us? He was celebrating his first 4th of July as a US Citizen! And you are right – nothing beats baseball and fireworks!


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