The Timeline of Frustration

7:05– Bucco game starts. Excitement runs through my veins as another Philies-Pirates game begins. I enjoy this cross state rivalry and look forward to the games each year.

7:15- Pirate right fielder Garret Jones launches a home run to right field. I was skeptical of Jones at first. He never did intrigue me. He has since proven me wrong. Since his time in the big leagues he has connected with the ball well and been an asset in the outfield. He showed tonight that he has the power that the Pirates need.


jones.jpg7:18- Delwyn Young homers to left field.
 I love Young. He seems like a good guy with a nice personality and a good fit in the clubhouse. He brings a fire and passion to the team and always seems to get on base. A home run from him is always welcome.

7:48- Andrew McCutchen continues the trend and blasts an HR to left field. I had actually called this homerun. With Adam LaRoche on first I was ready for him to score. I figured no time like the present. I said Cutch is due for a dinger and he delievered right on cue. With a   5-0 lead I figured the Pirates had this game in the bag.


– The Phils got on the board with an RBI from Raul Ibanez. This came in the 6th inning where Philly would continue to surge scoring a total of 3 runs.

9:07- The Pirates got 2 more runs here in the 7th in thanks to a handful of miscues by the Philadelphia defense. Garret Jones drew a walk scoring Jack Wilson. Later in the inning Ryan Doumit knocked in McCutchen to earn his first RBI since returning to the big league club.

9:40- With the Pirates in the field and the Philies searching for any form of life at the plate Jack WIlson showcased his glove making a diving, over the shoulder catch in mid left field robbing Shane Victorino of a hit. Being the always aware, always attentive shortstop he is, Wilson flung the ball over to LaRoche at first doubling up Jimmy Rollins. It was an amazing play and sure to be a web gem and top 10 play on tomorrows ESPN broadcasts.

10:00- Matt Capps comes in with a 7-3 lead. I am always weary of these situations. I’m talking baout when a closer is brought in during a non-save situation. Capps had a little breathing room so I was sure he could seal the deal and give the bucs a win.

10:02- Just a few minutes after coming into the game Capps gave up a solo shot to Matt Stairs. I wasn’t worried yet. I like Matt Stairs, he too is a good guy and a fan favorite no matter where he plays. With the Pirates in 2003 he hit 20 homeruns. He leads all current MLBers with 18 pinch hit homeruns.


Ryan Howard steps to the plate with 2 men on and one out. This was the first meeting between Howard and Capps. Howard took advantage of the Big Bull Rider and absolutely blasted a shot over the centerfield fence. With one swing of the bat the game was tied and another chapter was written in Howard’s legacy book.

10:22- Ten minutes later the ball game was over. The bases were loaded and Paul Bako singled to left field scoring Raul Ibanez, who would be the dreadful winning run.


raul.jpgWith the loss the Pirates slip to 11 games under .500. There is little hope for the rest of the season. There is also little hope for the future of Matt Capps. It is inexcuseable for a closer of his nature to blow a game like this. The Bucs recently brought in Joel Hanrahan from the Nationals. I do believe they have plans for him in the pen as a closer here in the near future.

Ryan Doumit performed well in just his second game back from the DL. He was 0-4 in his first game but turned it around tonight with 2 doubles.

Andy LaRoche turned on the jets when he laced a triple in the 8th inning. I did not realize it but it was his 4th triple of the year.

Andrew McCutchen had a heck of a game. He had 2 hits, one being the HR, a stolen base and scored. This is the kind of production we need from him in the leadoff spot.

Virgil Vazquez will square off against J.A. Happ tomorrow for game 3 of the series when Pittsburgh hopes to avoid the sweep.








  1. raysfanboy

    Tough loss. Capps can be reliable, but he doesn’t have that killer K pitch that can push him over the top.

    You guys really had the longball working, didn’t you? Not very characteristic of a Bucco team.

    Delwyn Young…is he nicer and quieter than his big mouthed brother in Minnesota (and originally with the Rays)?

    Hang in there.

  2. devilabrit

    So what can I say to make you feel better, nothing I am sure…. as much as it pained you to watch the end of that game, it obviously elated me…. I have to ask though, all the hype around players that didn’t make it to the All Star game, I am confused why no mention of Jack Wilson, afterall I think he is an outstanding infielder and he definately showed it last night….
    today is new day….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  3. azinneck

    Great post — the timeline structure of the post really does capture the shifting of emotions from excitement over a potential win to disappointment/frustration/etc over a loss like that. Of course, it probably also helps that I know all too well how it feels to mark down a loss after the game seemed to be put away…

  4. diamondgirl55

    Cedar Point is about 1.5 hours from Detroit, not bad huh? It was amazing and I agree, the Maverick was intense! I got really sick and my ears hurt but……still fun nonetheless! :]

    Tough loss today for the Pirates :[ It’s ok, you know they’re just waiting for the all-star break to be over so they can start kicking everyone’s booty!


  5. metmainman

    Oh man, I was at the Met game yesterday. I saw that the Pirates were winning score on the scoreboard and I was like, “Yeah, the Mets are gonna gain a game on the Phillies.” I came home and turned on ESPN and THIS. Yuck. Matt Capps is still young though. What is he, 24, 25? He will get a lot better. And if not then you can still get good value for him.

  6. raysfanboy

    I’m curious how you feel about the Bucs shopping Freddy Sanchez? I think the guy is a solid 2B and I wouldn’t mind seeing him spend some time down here, but is he fan fave up there? I would think he would be since he gets down and dirty and scrapes for everything he can. I think it would be a shame if they decided to move him.

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