Yusmeiro Petit; a one hit wonder

8-4 Pirates game 008.jpgPetit was large and in charge last night at PNC Park. The right hander was dominant on the mound striking guys out and making them pop out. He was masterful at making the Pirates look silly. Thats just what the Diamondbacks did last night, embarrased the Bucs with a 6-0 shutout. After being so pumped up to be at this game my high hopes were deflated in the 8th inning.

Petit took a no-hitter to the 8th. It was nuts to watch and be in attendance cheering for history. Obviously at the beginning I was cheering for the Bucs to win and win big. I was sick of the D-Backs being so dominant. The last 3 MLB games I have been to Arizona has won. In Colorado they came from behind to beat the Rockies, in Arizona they whallopped the Pirates and here again lats night they put a spanking on us. I was ready for the trend to halt and have the new look Bucs rip the D-Backs a new one. When it got to become the 6th inning I was ready. Man was I ready. I was anticipating every pitch thrown by Petit in hopes that my Pirates would get out. By doing this though I think I jinxed him. I was talking about the feat alot with my friend and people around me and I was just too excited for the hopes of my ticket stub being worth a good chunk of change. The hopes were dashed in the bottom of the 8th when Ronny Cedeno of Pittsburgh ripped a sharp line drive over the Short stops head. And there it was at the end of the game.


8-4 Pirates game 009.jpg


It almost seems like that Pirate flag should be a white flag. Goose eggs across the board and one hit for the lowly Pirates. You can see we did have some guys on base with chances to score. Petit’s control was off and he walked a few batters. We once had a guy on 3rd base ready to score by way of stolen bases but the bats cooled off and couldn’t do anything.

It’s quite the shame this game didn’t turn out they way I wanted. I had two options, a Bucs win or a no hitter and neither happened. I took a lot of time and preperation getting ready for this game too. As I was cleaning my room in the early afternoon I came across a Pirates hat I haven’t seen in a while. It was a 1979 replica Pill box cap. I was so pumped. It was in my closet and I didn’t even know about it. I put it with my other Pirate hat collection and displayed it on my bed.

Thumbnail image for 8-4 Pirates game 001.jpg
 Nice sheets huh? They are a staple at my parents house. Nice hats too huh? Yeah, those are mine. Each tell a story and I love wearing every single one of them. My new discovery was the one with the stripes. While I am a fan of fitted caps the pillbox one is classic. All I had to do was adjust the strap and put it on. I enjoyed my look and the hat too as I showed it off in the mirror.

8-4 Pirates game 002.jpg

Th eonly thing missing was “We are Family” playing on my stereo. (I had Kenny Chesney on instead). But I felt very cool in this hat and I will definately wear it out and to future games. I feel like Richies Hebner, Phil Garner, John Candaleria and the other great Pirates of the 1970’s. I really will use it as a great reminder of the past and a way to show my pride for the future.



Anyway, along with my hat I had to decide what I was wearing to the game. I usually wear my gray jersey, pictured up there in the right top corner, but theres only one problem. The player doesn’t play for the Bucs anymore.

8-4 Pirates game 011.jpg
 My buddy Ian Snell, recently shipped to the Mariners in the Jack Wilson deal is no longer donning the black and gold. And I did not either. It was tough to see Jack go, but even tougher to see Ian go. I bought this jersey in the 2008 offseason and loved it, because I was a big fan of Ians. He always pitched hard and was determined to succeed. It was a tough year for him in Pittsburgh but after following his whole minor league career I know he has the stuff to have a great career. I really do not like wearing former player jersey like this one. People still wear Bay, Sanchez and Wilson to games but I like to stay fresh and obscure. I’m not sure if I will wear it again to  game, as you can see opted to go with my classic “let’s Go Bucs”  and my yellow hat. The pillbox will wait for another day.



Hopefully, that day will be Saturday. I want to get back to PNC Park for the game against the Cardinals. Pujols would be nice to see but the big draw is OAR. They are a band who I really enjoy, as do many many other college kids. They are porforming a postgame concert on the field and tickets are sold out. I’ve been rummaging through Stub Hub but the seats on there are very pricey and not worth where the seats are. It’ll be interesting to see if I shell out the money or if I can make it to the game. Wish me luck!

Hard to believe the Pirates could sell out a game a couple of weeks in advance especially after this scene from last night.

8-4 Pirates game 004.jpg

8-4 Pirates game 005.jpgVery much empty and these pics were taken right at 7:05 pm the time of the first pitch. Yeah it was a Tuesday night, yeah its Pittsburgh and yeah its the Pirates but it is still a major league game. The announced attendance was just over 11,000 so I am not upset. Thats like the Mendoza Line for attendance in Pittsburgh. It still was a beautiful night in the ‘burgh.

8-4 Pirates game 006.jpg



  1. crzblue2

    I stopped buying current player’s jerseys after Adrian Beltre left us. It still sits in my closet. The last one I got was Jackie Robinson and I did ask for a Jeff Kent jersey for Xmas but that was AFTer he retired. If I get another, I would like a Sandy Koufax.

  2. raysfanboy

    I always get scared buying jerseys with guys’ names on them. I have a 1998 Devil Rays jersey with no name. I have a 1999 game worn spring training jersey #18 (Ben Grieve) but without his name. And then I splurged on a Longoria jersey this past offseason. I think I’m safe there. I will go nuts if the Rays ever ship off Longo.

  3. jonnnnnn

    I’d also just like to say, that you are one good looking young man. I guess that’s why you get so many views. But look out, I’ve been getting record high views this month, I might pass you up on the mlblogs leader board, despite being inferior in the looks department 😉


  4. theheirloom

    Thanks for stopping by my MLBlog a few days ago! Your blog is certainly entertaining and quite good. I only hope that the Bucs can right the ship somehow if it means actually getting good players at low rates – or finding out a way to take some early April momentum deeper into the season.

    BTW, the old pillbox cap reminded me of 1979 again. That was high school and the Bucs were pretty exciting to watch. Here;s my recollections of the time: http://heirloom.mlblogs.com/archives/2008/04/like_one_of_the_family.html

    Keep on posting!

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