“Congrats Jones” or “Come on Bucs”

Tonight there are two stories to tell. One is to give Garrett Jones a big pat on the back.

GJ1.jpgA .301 Batting average and 10 homeruns in just a little over a month of play, GJ has stepped in and provided a little bit of life for the Bucs. Jones was awarded for his efforts by being named the NL Rookie of the Month for the month of July. It is an honor he most certainly deserves and the recognition he recieves is well warrented. Jones has also given the Pirates a positive image amidst the turmoil that has turned over the past two weeks. At 28 years old, Jones is not your typical rookie. For years he was trapped in the Twins organization. He was waiting in the wings for his chance to crack the big leagues. The problem is that the Twins are no slouch of a team. For years they have contended in the AL Central and keep doing their thing. With outfielders such as Denard Span, Carlos Gomez, Delmon Young, Michael Cuddyer, Jason Kubel  and Justin Morneau at first base-there was just no room for Jones. He was signed by the Pirates in the off season and started the year at AAA Indianapolis. He had a solid year and was promoted after Nyjer Morgan was traded. He was well welcomed in Pittsburgh  he showed his power early in the season and continues to be a threat, pretty much the only threat in the Pirates lineup. Jones is also is a candidate for clutch performer of the month. With the likes of Jonathon Sanchez and Mark Buerlhe throwing their gems thi smonth it is unlikely he will win, but more pub. is great for him and the Bucs.




Keep smiling Garrett, your doing great.

Jones tried to give the Pirates the win tonight, but his much, just wasn’t too much. He was 1-4 in the game. His lone hit came in the bottom of the 9th as a homerun. The dinger brought the Pirates to within one run but Pittsburgh would fall 4-3, once again to the Diamondbacks.

There were two things that stood out about tonights game.

1) Somebody else besides Ronny Cedeno got a hit. Cedeno recorded one of his own, from the lead off spot. Lastings Milledge (a single), Andy LaRoche (a homerun and single) and Jones (the HR) were the others. 5 stinking hits were all the Bucs could muster up. That will not give you a win, no matter what stage of baseball you are playing in. Theres no question our lineup as been our achilies heel. Not just now but all season, even before the trades. It is surely much more lackluster now after the depletion of the veterans but it is just plain ugly now. The Friday of the trade deadline the Pirates looked like a new team with a breath of fresh air at their backs. I was so excited to watch them play. They had nothing to lose and could just give it their all. Now it seems their lack of lalent or experience, whatever it is, is catching up to them and they really are just this bad. ugh, it is surely frustrating.

2) Honestly, the only other fast fact about this game was Andrew McCutchen. And that is just because he did not play. It was his first day off of the year and well-deserved. He has done everything asked of him, and more. I just feel bad for those in attendence, Cutch is worth the price of admission and I’m sure alot of fans missed seeing him tonight. He was replaced by Jeff Salazar (who? You ask, Don’t worry about it, I respond) He did not get a hit but he kind of was a hit. He was the number one play on Sportscenter, pretty good props for a no-name. Salazar made a breath-taking all out, full extension diving catch in center field. As I said before, Defense may win championships, but it doesn’t seem like thats the case in baseball.


It stinks don’t it Delwyn. The Pirates are now 45-62 and sinking fast.





PICTURES: postgazette.com, AP photos



  1. crazy19canuck

    Pittsburgh also needs to stop trading away all their players…wait they did that already.
    Seems that lots of players that people initially say WHO? are doing well. Look at that new pitcher in Toronto (hey – I’m not even going to try and spell his name!).
    Good Luck!

  2. thatbaseballguy

    I even picked up Garret Jones on my fantasy team cuz I needed the help. But the Bucs to need to pick it up. They have made some pretty notable defensive plays lately. Two number one plays on Sportscenter’s top plays is saying something.

  3. indians

    I don’t think i will buy a Redsox Martinez jersey, but he will be remembered as an Indian by most tribe fans. I have his Indians Martinez jersey that i will continue to wear. I can’t wait until he comes back to Cleveland because the Ovation will be awesome and well deserved.

  4. azinneck

    Congrats to Garret — Rookie of the Month is great recognition, especially for a guy that plays on a less prolific team like the Pirates. Hopefully he continues to do well (this season and beyond) and helps the Pirates recover from the total makeover of the line up.

  5. raysfanboy

    Gave you a shout out in today’s post. Your guy Snell is going against my guys on Saturday, and I figured you’ll have to root against my Rays to support your “jersey brother”! Maybe don’t root too hard, though–we need the win!

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