A weekend of L’s

So the Cardinals completed a 3 game sweep of the Pirates. On Saturday the Cards downed the Bucs 5-3. What looked to be like a strong pitcher’s duel turned into a nightmare. The Pirates pulled starter Charlie Morton in the fifth inning. Morton had only given up one run but he looked shaky. Twice he had the bases loaded but he still managed to get out of the pickles. I questioned the decision but I though, maybe, just maybe our bullpen could sustain a close game-WRONG. Chris Bootcheck, recently recalled from Triple A Indianapolis was the first reliever put in. He gave up 3 runs and looked horrible. The Pirates were able to claw back in the 9th with a 2 out 2 run home run by Ronny Cedeno. Cedeno also made a Jack Wilson- esque diving play at shortstop which made the top 5 Web Gems on Baseball Tonight. He has truly been a wizard at the position.

Sunday’s game looked promising. The Pirates had a 3-0 lead but the Cardinals chipped away scoring 1 in the 4th and 1 in the 7th. In the 8th inning all hell broke loose. In another questionable decision Matt Capps was called into the game in a completely non save situation. I hate that. Hes a closer, let him close the game. He has underperformed like no other when he comes out early like this. Capps gave up a 2 run home run courtesy of Skip Schumacker. The very next batter was Prince Albert. Capps, whether it was out of frustration or sheer loss of control plunked Pujols dead in the back.


plunking pujols.jpgThe home plate umpire truly believed it was intentional and tossed Capps from the game. Pujols was a class act about it and didn’t charge the mound or have any words to say. He just did his duty and walked on down to first.

The streak has now reached 8 games. The Pittsburgh Pirates have now lost 8 in a row. With a road tripe coming up the Pirates have today off. They will need the rest when they land in Denver for a series against the Rockies. This doesn’t help matters much as the Rockies are right in the thick of things and will be scrathcing and clawing for victories.

The weekend wasn’t a total wash though. On Saturday night, Skyblast was held after the game and a sold out crowd was ready to hear some great music and watch some great fireworks.

skyblast 002.jpgThe announced attendance was over 38,000, the largest crowd at PNC Park this season. It was also the 7th largest crowd in the eight year history of PNC Park. Its no secret that all those people were not there to see the Pirates, they were there to see OAR. The crowd was filled with many self proclaimed non-baseball fans. It was hard to see many Pirate jerseys or t-shirts. There were just as many Cardinal clad fans as Pirate fans. Many people were dressed for a club or bar. It wasn’t really my type of crowd, just not at a baseball game.

Pittsburgh at night is a beautiful sight….

skyblast 004.jpgI love the collaboration of the skyscrappers to form a beautiful downtown skyline. Pittsburgh gets a bad rap for being a rough town and a dump. It really isn’t. There are some parts that are underdeveloped and some parts that need sprucing up, but every city has that. Pittsburgh is a gateway for life and revitilization. Outside of Allegheny County there is miles and miles of country land. I know my family in West Virginia thinks the city of Pittsburgh is beautiful. My little cousin looks at some of the buildings and thinks their castles and is just in awe of the architecural masterpieces right there. You add some fireworks to this beautiful city and the result is a picture perfect evening.






skyblast 005.jpg How beautiful is that? It is a fantastic show. They use the whole city as a stage and stop at nothing to find a place to let off these colorful pyrotechnics. On the field, a barge in the river, on the Clemente bridge, off the scoreboard, downtown, on top of buildings. With so many different launching locations its really like many shows in one. It truly makes Pittsburgh the ultimate destination for a firweorks show.

I just wish Pittsburgh could be a destination for some good baseball. It seems like I can’t do anything to make this team win games, not even my blast from the past look.


skyblast 001.jpg

Snell jersey and 1979 hat. Its still not enough to get the Pirates to break out of their losing slump. I really like this picture. Should it be my new picture up there in the top right corner? I really like the one I got up there now, not only is it the original it also has Clemnete in it, he’s still the driving force behind Pittsburgh baseball. I’d love to know your thoughts-let me know if I should change it!


picture credit- AP photo



  1. Jonestein

    Ya know, I’m still scratching my head over how your front office raptured half of your guys out of the clubhouse. The Pirates weren’t really THAT far out of it in that tight NL Central race. It also pains me to say this(as a Rnagers/Cowboys/Stars fan), but it would have been kind of cool to see the Pirates take the WS this year and have all 3 Pitt teams be champs.
    Re: the profile pic – Clemente freakin rocked, but I dig the ’79 cap and the stadium shot, so go with the new pic, IMHO.

  2. crazy19canuck

    I love the backdrop for the fireworks. Use what ya got!
    And I really don’t get people who dress up to go to a ballgame. It’s a ballgame people, not a martini bar or something! Love the ’79 cap! That is a really nice pic. 🙂

  3. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Tough call on the Pujols pitch, I don’t think it was intentional. Those are some really cool pictures of the Pittsburgh skyline, it looks really nice.
    I like your picture the way it is right now, but that one is pretty cool too.


  4. southernbelle

    Matt: Those fireworks are gorgeous! I’m sorry about the losing streak. About the picture for the corner, I like both, but I think the new one of you in the 79 hat is better. In the other one, there are kids by the statue, and that’s kind of annoying. But I like both pictures a lot, so whatever 🙂
    I thought I should tell you: Last night, I went to another Renegades game, and they played the baby Pirates, the State College Spikes! If you are interested, I posted an article on my blog about it. But it’s mostly about my experience before the game. Feel free to check it out! -Virginia

  5. crzblue2

    I love Roberto Clemente. As I stated in one of my responses to my latest thread, Roberto was originally drafted by the Dodgers. But in order to change the luck, I vote for the new picture and I love that hat.
    I love the fireworks pictures. You know when my girlfirend and I went to Pittsburgh last year, after the game we walked from there to a bar and grill close to the football stadium then to the hotel by the bus station. We did not feel unsafe.

  6. Jane Heller

    I love both pics, but I’m with Lori. Maybe changing the profile pic would change the Pirates’ luck. Couldn’t hurt, right? I haven’t been to Pittsburgh in a long time, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the stadium. I’d love to come and see it.


  7. matttan7

    The Pirates losing 8 straight games? Oh no, Pirates need to play some catch up if they are going to compete in this pennant race. The fireworks show in Pittsburgh looks awesome. and the skyline looks great, just like in New York City.

    Matthew Tang

  8. raysfanboy

    I think you make a great point about closers being used in non save situations. It seems not to work out that often. I know managers need to keep guys sharp, though, so it is almost a necessary evil. Unfortunately, it seems lots of closers see their ERAs get blown out of proportion because of these terrible outings. I know Capps is solid, too bad you guys aren’t winning enough to get him some save situations. Tough series, man.

  9. bluecrewfan

    PNC Park is a great stadium with an awesome view at night. We had a great time last year taking in a few games. Friendly people, good food ( Manny’s Barbeque, and those gigantic samwiches, for got what they are called), it was a wonderfull trip.
    Course I still think our stadium is still better but….. 😉


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