100th Post

100.jpgI figured this was a fairly big milestone, not only in this blog, but in my life as well.

I know there are a decent amount of people that read this blog. I have fun writing it and I hope all of you reading it are having fun too. I’ve gotten comments from fans across the country, my neighbors, family, friends, random acquaintainces who say they enjoy it. It makes me feel good, real good. Even though the Pirates really aren’t on the must see list for anyone these days I take great pride in sharing my thoughts and feelings about my favorite team to the world.

In honor of the accomplishment here are a list of some notable milestones in Pirates history.

Most Triples in a season:36

 This feat was completed in 1912 by a guy by the name of Chief Wilson. Very sweet name and possibly what I will name my first born son. I’m sure my future wife will have something to argue about that. But anyway I know absolutely nothing about Wilson from my time studying Pirates lore. The 36 Triples are still a Pirates and major league record.


Most Homeruns in a season:54; Most Walks in a Season:137

Ralph Kiner is a name not always held that highly in Pittsburgh sports history. The guy was a big bopper back in the 40’s and 50’s. He was a feared hitter at the plate and was always a power threat. I always thought Willie Stargell would be the single season homerun record holder but Kiner owns that accomplishment when he belted 54 in 1949. For being such a strong hitter he was often avoided and pitched around. A unique statue of Kiner stands inside PNC Park near the left field bleachers. It is unique in that there is no bust of body of the Kiner scupure. It is a rendition of his hands gripping the bat.


Games Played: 2433

This record is held by two players, two players that signify what it means to be a Pittsburgh Pirate. Ralph Kiner and Roberto Clemente. The “Flying Dutchman” is said to be the greatest shortstop to ever play the position. He was a staple as an elite player back in the very early 1900’s. He and Ty Cobb were always in a battle for batting supremacy with Wagner getting the upperhand. Roberto Clemente needs to introduction. He was the first Latin born player to really make an impact in baseball. He was an awesome outfielder with lightning quick speed and a rocket for an arm. At the plate he could hit for power and get on base. He was a rare breed and really the first of many 5 tool players to come.













Hit By Pitch: 172

One of my first memories of Pirates baseball was going to games at Three Rivers Stadium. It was a large sphereical trash dump located just steps from PNC Park. However, I loved going to games there. I always remember looking up at the jumbotron high above the seating bowl and seeing a billboard advertisement for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Within the ad was a large picture of Jason Kendall. From then on I knew he was high profile and the face of 1990’s Pittsburgh baseball. He was always scrappy and played all out every game. In the backyard I tried to replicate his batting stance leaning over the plate and sticking elbows out. He always wore a pad on his arm for great reason-he would always get plunked.


a_kendall.jpg Career Home Runs: 475; Career RBI:1540; Extra Base Hits in a Season; 90

The Pirates “Sultan of Swat” went by the nickname- Pops. Willie Stargell was the Captain of the teams in teh 1970’s. He was a fearless leader and captain of charisma. He was a presecence on the field and off and always felt the love Pittsburghers showed him. At the plate he always knew how to come through in the clutch and give the Bucs the W. It would have been great seeing him play on those legendary Pirate’s clubs of the 70’s. Plus I would have loved to see this. A must have collectible for all Pittsburgh fans. It seems that history does repeat itself. 1979-Steelers and Pirates=World Champs. 2009-Steelers and Penguins=World Champs/

SI cover.jpg Opening up the Pirates vault was a great flashback to the glory days. I can only hope more legends will come about and the storied history of the Pirates will continue in years to come.

In regards to my previous post about becoming a Mariners supporter, progress is being made.

At Gabriel Brothers, the off-price warehouse store for misfit clothing and other appearal I bought a Mariners jacket.

mariners jacket 002.jpgIt was a great purchase for only 15 dollars. It is Stitches brand and looks like great quality. It fits perfectly too and I like the way I look in it. Believe me if they had a Pirates I would have bought it but there was just a Mariners, Cardinals and Tigers in this style. I figured fate must have landed down upon me. The day I bought the jacket the M’s beat the Yankees too. So to all Seattle fans out there, you’re welcome!



  1. crzblue2

    Congratultions on #100! and you started in March! I started in February.
    When I was at PNC last year I took lots of pictures including my hands around that bat! And I love Willie Stargel. Did you know that Willie Stargel is the only player that has hit two homeruns out of Dodger Stadium? He was also the first player to do it. Only two other players have hit one out of Dodger Stadium.

  2. raysfanboy

    Oooo. Congrats on 100. I’ll have to look to see if I’m getting close to that. I don’t want to blow by it and not take a second like you did to breathe it in.

    Oh, and 36 triples!? Are you kidding!? By a guy named “Chief”? Doesn’t get cooler than that.

  3. matttan7

    Nice jacket, it sure fits you well. Congrats on your 100th post, and you did a nice job commemorating interesting facts about the Pittsburgh Pirates. Roberto Clemente and Honus Wagner are probably the best players historically to play for the Prates.

    Matthew Tang

  4. JQuist

    *Congratulations man… It’s great to see people sticking to their updates and being committed. There was a poll today on YES about “the greatest shortstop of all time” – and by an enormous margin, Jeter was crowned the king. I think that’s bologne considering Honus Wagner made the list, and these two players were active in an entirely different era of baseball. One of my favorite things about the Pirates is their history, (which so many people tend to forget.) Pittsburgh is an OLD TEAM, and they definently don’t get the major league respect they deserve…


  5. southernbelle

    Matt: 100th post! Quite an accomplishment! CONGRADULATIONS!
    I don’t get how you can just “become” a Mariners fan, it’s kind of random, but cool. They did beat my Yanks on my birthday when you became a fan of them. Nice jacket, by the way! -Virginia

  6. diamondgirl55

    You’ve obviously gotten more than enough of this, but congratulations on your 100th entry!!! That most definitely IS a milestone and you should be proud! Love it!
    But you’re mostly my favorite because of that last picture right there :] You bought a Mariners jacket!!!! For $15?! What the heck?! Go back and buy me one too, those cost a fortune!!!!! And like you said, I owe you a thank you for buying that jacket…I’m sure that’s why the M’s won against the Yankees that night! We needed it and obviously the M’s were ecstatic that a non-M’s fan bought M’s paraphernalia :] You’re awesome! Oh…and P.S, can you buy a cap tomorrow and then maybe a t-shirt the day after? Thanks. xoxo http://diamondgirl55.mlblogs.com

  7. teemo

    Congratulations on your 100th – Have been enjoying reading your entries all summer from here in Hawaii – It been fun reading of your adventures cheering on the Pirates and vising places like the Four Corners. – Good luck going back to school – Aloha Todd

  8. raysrenegade

    Congrats in 100.
    Looking forward to 250th, 500th, 1,000th post too.
    It might take some time, but you got it in you. A lot of great history hidden within that franchise.
    You are doing a great job, just keep up the pace and you will be there before you know it.

    Rays Renegade


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