Wells Watch in Cinci

Remember at the beginning of the season when I documented the resurgence of former Pirate Kip Wells? Wells was one of my least favorite Buccos of the past decade and it seemed that he always wanted out of Pittsburgh so he could have a shot at success. He believed he was bigger than he was and took his cocky act around the league. He has been a journey man reliever and began the year in Washington. He has since been signed by the Reds and actually started today’s game against the visiting Bucs.


Prior to the game I wanted nothing more than to have the Buccos make an example out of this guy. While no current Pirate players were around when Kip was on the Pittsburgh club, it still would have made an impact for fans, loyal fans, like myself.

However, as John Steinbeck once said in his most famous book…”the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

Kip didn’t just go out and pitch wel, he was fairly dominant. He went 6 innings only allowing 2 hits and 2 earned runs. It was pretty depressing. The Pirates only mustered up 5 hits. 4 of which were by Ronny Cedeno and Jason Jaramillo. The other hit came by way of McCutchen. No not Andrew, the potential rookie of the year, in fact the other hit came off the bat of Daniel, Daniel McCutchen.

daniel cutch.jpg He had his teeth gritted and fire in his eyes. It was his major league debut. He did manage one hit-off his own bat. On the other hand, he gave up 5 hits, and 3 earned runs. In just his second major league pitch he surrendered a homerun to leadoff Cincinatti batter Drew Stubbs. After that things were looking better. He settled down and found his groove. He also put the Pirates in a position to win the game, something they haven’t been used to.

Its been a while since I last wrote an entry and when I last left off the Bucs were looking good. They were strong at the plate and recieving excellent starting pitching. 

Then they headed to Milwaukee.

The Pirates were swept over the weekend by the Brewers. The games were not totally ugly losses but the Brewers always have the Pirates number at Miller Park.


Like always Ryan Braun killed the Bucs with his bat. He reached base every game against the Bucs and hit a homerun, something he always seems to do when playing against Pitt.

RyanBraun.jpg I post this picture amidst my hurls of hatred but I figured my female readers may appreciate it. I’ve always voiced my dislike of the man. No doubt hes a great player, I just don’t appreciate his style of play on and off the field.

The Pirates have lost 21 straight games at Miller Park. Its downright disheartening, but then again so is the Pirates record away from home. They are 18-47 outside of PNC Park. You might as well make it 18-48 as the Reds are downing them here in game 2 of the doubleheader. Brandon Phillips smashed a home run and Cincinatti holds a 4-0 lead. No matter what is to come…LETS GO BUCS



  1. juliasrants

    That’s not a very good record outside of PNC. It has been a very frustrating season for your Bucs. Do you think there will be a core of players to come back next season to build off of or are you concerned that there will be a lot of trades made next year as well?


  2. TribeTed


    I think the Pirates got a legitimate shot.

    I just don’t know if the pitching would be there for them.

    McCutchen is a great leader:

    and as I have said will become an all star in the next few years:

    but I just don’t see the pitching for either of our clubs in 2011.

    If the Indians make a contention:

    it will be in 2011:

    and for the Pirates:

    I will give them 2012. Sorry — I just don’t see the pitching factor there:

    and the Pirates need to have a winning season first off.

    Thanks for commenting Matt:

    I enjoy your comments.

    Happy September!!



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