17 again

First off..Happy Labor Day everybody. It is a great holiday, not just because I do not have to be at three of my classes today. It was a refreshing break and long weekend filled with Mountaineer football. We won 33-20 over Liberty. I would have liked a better score but hey a wins a win.

Now in the case of the Pirates on Sunday a loss was certainly not a loss.


The Cubs beat the Pirates 4-2 at PNC Park. Nothing new, I’ve seen it before, so have every other Pirate fan….for the past 17 years.

The Pirates loss was their 82nd of the year. They have ensured a losing record for this year, mirroring every single season from those past 17 years.

Now Brandon Moss looks pretty upset there in the dugout. I am upset too. But sorry Brandon you’ve only been here 2 years, I’ve been around for all 17 years of the losing streak.

I hate talking about it, because there is really nothing to say. There are some questions though. Such as, “Why do I put up with it?” and “When will it end?”

As a die hard Pirates fan I feel betrayed and scorned for so long. We have been promised winners, but never recieved them. The 90’s through never ending losing seasons at Three River Stadium were brutal. I was young and immature and just loved being at the park. I fell in love with players such as Al Martin, Jason Kendall, Jose Guillen and Mark Smith. Those guys were my heroes. I felt like they were the superstars of not just Pittsburgh but all of the MLB. I was blind by the lossess but never really realized what else was out there.

For years management has preched and preached that once the Pirates shifted from TRS to PNC Park the sun would come out and we would be competitive. Well its been nearly ten years at the mose beautiful park in baseball and while there has been sunny days the losing drags on. Who knows how long it will come. Im hopefull soon, but I’ve been hopefull and let down in the past. But theres never going to be a time when I say I’m Done. I’m here for the bad and I know there will be good. And I will proudly be here for it. Its tought to swallow now but when the time comes for winning it will make it so much sweeter.

i wish i was.jpg

Thats a great drawing there on the right isn’t it? Now for the guy on the left I can’t really give him any credit. We have the best NFL team right next door. Why be a Detroit fan?

However, he makes a great point. People need to realize what us Pirates fans go through. We have the Steelers and Penguins in the city too yes. But the impact that the Pirates have had on people’s lives in second to none.

Its baseball everyone loves baseball. People grow up with the sport, idolize the players and pretend to be their heroes in little league. Baseball is the pastime of America and that will never change.

I’m sure wherever you are you see Steelers fans. In every part of the country, they are there. Pittsburgh was a hub of national attention in the 60’s and 70’s. With mills and factories booming and the Steelers and Pirates dominating their respective leagues everyone knew the teams and wore their black and gold with great pride.

PGH-WORK.jpgWhen the mills shut down work was hard to find and citizens of the Burgh dispersed across the country. They took their love of the Steelers with them but left their Buccos by the wayside. Partially because of the ongoing success of the Steelers and the pitifullness of the Pirates. If the Pirates and Steelers switched positions in the sports rankings I’m sure people would be all for the Pirates year in and year out. Its a shame that the losses make people jump ship, but it is completely understandable.

we-suck.jpgThe jokes get old just like the losing. I’ve stated my confidence that the next 3 years will be special for the Pirates. History has repeated itself for far too long, its time for a change or at leats one winning season. I want to know what October baseball is like. I want September to be fun for a change. There will be nothing like competitive regular season games this time of the year.

I’ve been here long enough, so many fans deserve better for all the sacrifice and pride we put in. It’s about time something happens.



  1. heartruss

    It must be frustrating to have a team that doesn’t seem to win. Last season the Dodgers goal was to play .500 ball and they ended up winning the western division. I remember how everyone was down on my team. I kept supporting them and going to the games. They turned it around. The slumps lasted a long time. No one would have believed that the Dodgers would go anywhere. I couldn’t bear to read the blogs because they were so negative. I didn’t write a blog last year, this year is my first year. Everytime I posted a positive comment I would get stomped to the ground. I decided that I wanted to have my own blog and just focus on the positive. The other blogs were negative even when the Dodgers were winning. That I couldn’t stomach. I love your blog. You have a lot of positive energy. Keep writing. Your Pirates will meet my Dodgers soon. Maybe I can get some autographs for you if I am lucky. I hope your Pirates don’t beat up my guys.
    Enjoy the holiday!!!

  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    Just think that when your team does make the playoffs, or overachieves in some way, it will be that much sweeter knowing where you came from. What I would hate, is to be the Yankees. Winning divisions, year after year, with the highest payroll. To me, their achievements are less dramatic and less monumental in that case.

    It has been 16 years since the Jays won in 1993 and I never made a playoff game!. I was only 12, but I wasted the better part of my young manhood praying that the Jays would give me a second chance to see some fall baseball. I can relate with you somewhat. Don’t worry though, we’ll get there …. eventually lol.


  3. JQuist

    Hey man, don’t let the jokes get to you. The funny thing about sports, is that every team has their year in due time. I firmly believe that. (Well… with the exception of the Cubs lol.) *I’m kidding!* I was a Patriots fan waaaay back in 3rd grade, when they were rolling with Bledsoe, Martin, etc… Now that they’ve won 3 rings, and remain one of the best teams in the league, people think I’m a ‘front-runner.’ I still have the old jerseys to prove it, (Terry Glenn for example,) but that’s not what I’m getting at. You don’t intend to give up on the Pirates any time soon, and I’m convinced that we’ll see them win a World Series again in the near future. It’s only so long that a team can have tough luck, (with the exception of the Cubs lol… whoops. Said it again…) – and they’ll have their day. Did you read what I had posted about the Forbes Magazine ‘investigation’ ?? I found that pretty interesting, eventhough I didn’t buy the entire thing “hook, line, and sinker.” A lot of it made sense though…


  4. xcicix

    It is about time, I would most agree.
    And what Homer says about the Yankees is definitely true. My sister was just about ready to slash her wrists when the Yankees (gasp) didn’t make the playoffs last year, and when they lose a game it’s dreadful. It was like the Yanks not making the playoffs was unthinkable or against the rules. Hell, when they won the wild card she was devastated.
    Poor Brandon Moss. It’s tough when there isn’t much you can do. It’s also tough when everyone on your team is traded away. If the Pirates kept most of the team around for a year, they might figure out how to maximize the talent that they have.

  5. devilabrit

    I think the Pirates are going to turn it around, in a similar fashion to the Phillies did in the last few years, it was all Eagles in Philadelphia, now the Eagles are chasing the Phillies… Pirates get the chance to play spoilers in the NL West race in September, I think that is fun to watch too, no matter who it is rooting to see if you can impact the outcome of other teams in the hunt can sometimes be very satisfying….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  6. juliasrants

    While it might not have been 17 losing season’s in a row – I’ve been through many, many bad seasons with the Red Sox (I’m a lot older then you!) and it is very frustrating! We want our teams to win – we have been promised that they will win – and I would have imagine the endless trades only make the pain worse. The Pirates are fortunate to have a fan like you!
    “Keep the faith” might sound like a tired cliche – but it is what we fans do.


  7. crazy19canuck

    My team hasn’t been around for 17 years, but with the exeption of last year…I hear ya. It’s time for the Pirates to get a great lineup, a few good pitchers and give the fans something to cheer about. It’s time. (and there’s no feeling like it!)

  8. junojen

    Hey – I was just in the ‘Burgh last week. I wrote a little post that captures some personal Pittsburgh Pirates history related to my father-in-law. Thought you might be interested.

    I’m sorry about 17 seasons in a row. That stinks. The Pirates have a great history and tradition. Hopefully someone will infuse some money into the organization.

    Go, Steelers!

  9. junojen

    P.S. Great post by the way. You make a great point about baseball being the sport that everyone loves and that is true. As kids we do idolize those players and that does make a big difference. My hat is off to you for keeping the pride in your Pirates. You are a true fan. And when the Pirates re-emerge and win another WS, you will be on top of the world like I was in 2004. The good times feel great when you’ve suffered though the bad times.

  10. Jonestein

    Awesome title to the post…lol. Sorry your team is doing so horribly. But look at the bright-side: at least your team doesn’t posess the label “Only team to never win a playoff series” like my Rangers.
    Hang in there.

  11. indians

    Though, the Indians have been to the playoffs and have had two winning seasons in the past 7 seasons.. They have not won a world series since 1948. The City of Cleveland has not seen a Championship — out of the 3 major sports– since the Browns, that should tell you something. At least you have the Steelers and the Penguins. (if you’re a fan of them) Maybe the Cavs can treat some of the deserving fans of Cleveland to a Championship this season:) Best of luck to the pirates.

  12. crzblue2

    I am old enough to have seen Willie Stargerl and the great team you had back then. Let’s hope that someday the Pirates will return to those happy days. I was thrilled to be in Pittsburgh last year and take pictures of the statues around the stadium.
    And you are right you have a great team in the Steelers next door. a couple of years ago, I went to a taping of “The Best Dam Sport show” when they had Franco Harris and Terry Bradshaw.” Terry was hilarious and Franco, well a little shy. It was great seeing them and remembering back when I used to watch them play.
    Cheer up matt! We miss your posts but we know school comes first! Hope you are doing well.

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