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Hello Everybody!

It has been a week since my last post and I regret that. I’ve taken weeks off for vaction on the blog but there has been something missing and different this week. Maybe its because the Pirates have been tanking, but mostly it has been because I’ve been busy at school.

Thumbnail image for WVU Stuff 359.JPG

Because of this current fall semester Pirates baseball has taken a backseat to something more important, West Virginia football.

For you college football fans out there I’m sure you have been aware of the recent success of the Mountaineer football program. West Virginia has been such a big part of my life, even more so than the Pittsburgh Pirates. My family roots run through the Mountaine State with much of my extended family living here. My father, Rick, went to WVU in the 1970’s and with myself as a current junior, I feel so proud to carry on this blue and gold Peaslee family tradition.

For a better part of my 20 years weekend trips to WV were the norm. Whether it was for family reunions or special occasions I enjoyed treking through the wining country roads to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. There was always something else though that made the trips worth the time…West Virginia football.

For nearly 3 decades my family has had football season tickets. I have had great times at Mountaineer Field enjoying exhillarating wins and hard to swallow losses. The pride and passion I have for the Mountaineers is second to none. Being a student makes these feelings escalate even more.

As I drive myself through the winding roads now I always have John Denver’s legendary “Country Roads” song playing on my car CD player. There is another tradition with this song that always gives me goosebumps.

wvu2009 013.JPGThe young 2009 campaign for the Mounatineers has been very rewarding. We are now 2-0 and have wins over Liberty and East Carolina. Not necessarily two marquee schools but after falling to ECU last year it was great to avenge the defeat.

I get chills everytime I am in the stadium surrounded by a sea of blue and gold. IN the opening game against Liberty I sat in the upper deck as you can see. It was a hot day and the heat and sun was irritating. WVU wasn’t winning in a convincing matter as I had hoped but the Mountaineers still pulled out a 33-20 win over the Liberty Flames.

Just this past Saturday I had much better seats for the game.

wvu2009 021.jpgFront row baby! Being on top of the field right there was awesome. I heckled East Carolina players and high fived my Mountaineers after the 35-20 win. The ticketing sytem at WVU allows students to choose a lower level or upper level seat. My friends and I usually like the upper section for a better view of the whole field. However, being there in the lower level, front row specifically was great. Creating a superb atmosphere for college football.



One of the best parts of Mountaineer football Saturdays is the Pride of West Virginia:The Mountaineer Marching Band.

Thumbnail image for wvu2009 016.JPGThe band plays a great rendition of Country Roads and forms the state of West Virginia in their pregame routine. With everybody signing along to teh tune it is the greatest feeling in the world. A college tradition for many many years.

There is another WVU team that deserves some respect right now, the women’s soccer team.

I cover the Mountaineer women’s soccer team for the school newspaper. They have great potential to be a strong national competitor. Pre-season, the squad was ranked 7th in the nation but have since fallen to 12th after a 2-2-3 start to the season. They are very young and will surely be on the natioanl stage for more years to come.

One of the biggest changes this year for Mountaineer sports is the transition of the rifle. If you’ve ever watched a Mountaineer sporting event on TV you may have seen one of the most distinct mascots in all of sports.





The Mountaineer is an intimidating fellow who carries a musket on the field. If you are an opposing fan, player and mascot-watch out! He fires after every touchdown and when the Mountaineers are on a roll, be prepared for a loud kaboom all day long.

This year the Mountaineer takes on a different role.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for wvu2009 014.JPG







Indeed that is a woman. She is a junior at WVU and the second female to don the Mountaineer buck skins. Its been very controversial. Because come on look at the guy on the left. He is the spitting image of a Mountaineer. His name is Brady Campbell and the stereotypical West Virginia mascot. Most people feel it should be strictly a man in the uniform. But she has done a fantastic job displaying excellent school spirit.

My classes are going well. I have a fairly loaded schedule with 18 credit hours. I enjoy my journalism, Public Relations and English classes. I take a better interest in these because they are for my major. However, there are some road blocks that come in the form of Accounting and Statistics. Numbers are not my thing. Math is not my thing. These two classes have been interesting thus far. I’m staying on top and not getting behind because I know if I dig a hole for myself theres no way I’ll be able to get back out. Anybody out there with an expertise in these fields? Hit me up!

If you expected a Pirates update here I’m sorry but I really can’t pony up anything positive to say. They were on a 7 game losing skid for the ump teenth time this season. They actually pulled out a 2-1 win on Sunday over the Astros to avoid the sweep. Andrew McCutchen has been on a month long slump. He’s gone o-fer many times this month and seen his batting average drop to .270. The offense as a whole has been sluggish. Only mustering up 17 hits over the 7 day week. It’s ugly and doesn’t seem to get any better. They players don’t seem to give any heart or effort out there. They know the season is over and I can’t blame them for not giving a die hard effort.

In closing-here is something that I get to look at everyday. It is hanging in my room behind my TV. It shows the pride and passion that I will always have for the Pirates-its everlasting no matter how bad it has been or how good it will be in the future.

wvu2009 001.JPG 















  1. Jane Heller

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your journalism, PR and English classes. (I wasn’t good in math either.) And you’re getting great experience covering sports for the school newspaper. I hope it’s all fun and will prepare you for a career as a writer if that’s the direction you choose!


  2. devilabrit

    As hard as college can be, it looks as though you are enjoying it, which always makes things move more smoothly and seems to make it easier even when it isn’t, soccer is always an up and down sport as the season progresses I am sure they will improve as the season moves on… the football well they always seem to do well…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  3. TribeTed

    Its always fun to look at college football,

    and going to a game is even better.

    I have to admit,

    I am not an Ohio State fan,

    though I have been to the stadium.

    It is huge!!! More on that later.

    but I am a Cane’ for life!

    I was born right around Miami, FLA, and I moved here to Ohio when I was young.

    So there you have it.

    and I set foot in the stadium when there “wasn’t” a game going on.

    So I could just feel the atmosphere that “would’ve” been there if there were a game.

    Ted’s Take


  4. juliasrants

    Hey – the Mountaineer with the musket reminds me of the New England Patriots’ games. We have several Minutemen (a la the American Revolution) who fire their muskets every time the Pats score! Family traditions are a great thing to have – I glad you have this to enjoy with your family!


  5. heartruss

    Thanks for updating us. Your post was fantastic as usual. Your Pirates do have some fight left. There were some super defensive plays last night. I actually thought in the first few innings that your guys would beat the Dodgers. Country Roads has been a favorite of mine as well as John Denver. I am going to follow West Virginia football this season for sure. Glad you are doing well in school. Statistics was always tough for me.
    Your Pirates are nice guys. During batting practice, they threw a lot of balls to the kids.

  6. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Loved the story about the tradition you and your family have with WV football! That’s so great! I’m sure you play “Country Roads” but I’m getting the feeling there’s some Miley Cyrus in there as well 😉 haha.

  7. southernbelle

    Matt: I like John Denver. I too have skipped blogging every once in awhile becayse if school. Ugh. I hate it. It feels like I never had a summer…
    I like that Pirate flag you have there. I admire you for believing in your team through it all. You are a real fan.
    Are you still a Mariner fan, or was that just a one-time thing?

  8. raysrenegade

    Glad to see you are getting an opportunity while you are still at WVU to do some reporting and get your instincts and your style settled before you get out in the working world.
    Setting your style now can make the writing easier and more professional down the line.
    Doing a sport beside the one that grabs your heart strings actually gives you a better perspective on sports, and makes you a better writer.
    Keep up the great work, and we will see you in a national publication before we know it!

    Rays Renegade


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