The Future is here (Kind of)

Congratulations to the 2009 Carolina League Champions…


Single A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

It is without a doubt a small step towards big league success down the road. The preaching may soon be paying off. General Manager Neil Huntington and President Frank Coonelly have stressed building through the minors and with a championship club like this it seems that the strategy may be the truth.

The team is filled with blossoiming players and future Pirates.

  • Tony Sanchez-catcher
  •  Starling Marte-outfielder
  • Jamie Romak-outfielder
  • Chase D’Arnaud
  • Bryan Morris-pitcher
  • Rudy Owens-pitcher

That group of five players are studs. They will make the Pirates roster within the next four years, right when we turn the corner and make the playoffs. It is defintately wishful thinking, but confident thinking. If the talent is there and a championship proves that it is, the wins will come with the years.

As for the current big league Pirates-it is same old same old.

jj and ross.jpg

It isn’t fun is it Jason and Ross? It isn’t fun for the fans either. In fact it is embarrasing. The three game series in Los Angeles (which we were swept in) was not even televised in Pittsburgh. Most of the games are on FSN Pittsburgh, with the exception of maybe 15 in the season, but to not even have a crew fly out there is laughable. It didn’t make much difference though, nobody here really cares anyway. The Steelers are kicked off and Penguins pre-season is underway. I kind of fell bad, but not really. It is WVU football time and like I’ve said my passion switches from black and gold to gold and blue. I hope we close out the season somewhat respectably. It won’t even be a moral victory after the pain I’ve endured not only this year, but the past 17.

I just want you Dodgers, Cradinals, Red Sox and Yankess fans, even Indians fans-take that in for a moment. 17 straight losing seasons. Hard to imagine huh, but its all I’ve been used to.

Thanks Hillcats for hope for the future and LETS GO MOUNATINEERS



  1. crzblue2

    Matt, I have seen my Dodgers win two World Series (81 & 88) but it has been 21 years and for a big market team that is a long time. I am sorry that the games were not televised.
    Congrats to the 2009 Carolina League Champions. I hope to hear good things from those future Pirate players.

  2. devilabrit

    I am pretty sure your right that sometime over the next 5 years the Pirates are going to be a team to contend, with the upcoming talent and the fact that a lot of the top players now will be on the downside…and 17 seasons is a sporting record I think….and now its Steelers time to make a run
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  3. southernbelle

    Matt: Congrats to the baby Pirates! I saw my Renegades played another single-A Pirate team once. I hope your Pirates actually keep some of those youngsters and let them become Pirates for more than a few months. They are something to look forward to for sure. -Virginia

  4. iliveforthis

    Ouch, when you put it into perspective, it’s a lot rougher than thought. The Pirates won the other night though (silver lining?… probably not). The Rockies pretty much have all their talent from the farm system, so for the Pirates, well… that’s gotta look good, right?

  5. diamondgirl55

    I thought you forever boycotted your blog, right after you declared fandom to the Mariners no less! Thanks a lot! :] hehe I’m kidding, I know you’re super busy with school and all the WVU stuff. Hey that’s cool, I went to WWU :] Anyway, congrats to the (well-said by southernbelle) baby pirates! That’s awesome, it only means the Pirates will be getting great people sooner or later! xoxo P.S, I’m VERY happy to know you wear your M’s jersey around campus. High-five!

  6. TribeTed

    I am glad the future has finally hit Pittsburgh. McCutchen is really going to blossom into a .330 30 HR 30 SB guy. Man McCutchen will be loving his three’s. 33333. The Pirates will have a surprising year in three years is my guess. You know the lucky number 3 right? I am telling you!! Good luck Pirates.

    Ted –

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