World’s leaders decent on Pittsburgh

Now I know next to nothing when it comes to politics. I have blind eyes to Republicans and Democrats and how our country is run. While I believe I should be more educated with my political science, the ponying up begins now. I am currently taking a political science class at WVU. It is rather interesting and opend my eyes to the past and future of how our country is, and could have been run.

This week I had a great excuse to earn my striped with not only the political world but the economic world as well.

g20 steelers.jpg19 of the world’s ecominc leaders trekked to the Steel City for a convention to discuss the world’s economy and other pressing issues that need to be resolved for the future of out nations.

Pittsburgh has been shut down with road closings, business shutting down for the week, and for the kids-school closings. It has been pretty hectic and I was hoping to take part in some of the festivities and just take in the sights.

However, as college comes first I had a busy week too in Morgantown studying and writing articles. It has been nerve wracking and intense but I’ve done my best to keep my head on straight and concentrated on my studies.

Thumbnail image for g20 post gazette.jpg

These people looked like they enjoyed themselves making their voices heard and in a word-protesting. THe local media here in the Pittsburgh region have been more concentrated on the riots in Pittsburgh than the progress at the summit.



g20 woman riot.jpgIts been quite the scene downtown and in the neighborhood of Oakland. People have taken to the streets and escalating their protests into violence. Police crews have been out in full force like never before. It was reported that 84 people were arrested in the day. Tear gas, tasers, and mace have been flooded around in attempts to control the rowdy crowds.



Somewhere where crowds have been anything but rowdy-PNC Park.

g20 morton.jpgThis picture was taken Thursday by AP Photographer Gene Puskar. The Bucco game against the Reds was held in the afternoon as Cinci closed out a sweep against the hometeam. Its a shame, really it is. Theres an excuse with all the road blocks and congestion around town. The actual was attendance was under 2,000, mind you this is still a major league game. It would have really been something to be at the game just to see what it would feel like to have more people go to your little brothers little league game.


g20 xxx prime.jpgOn Friday night at the ballpark it was an international movement for all of baseball. Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatayoma threw out the first pitch. Check out that leg kick. We got a new Dontrelle Willis on our hands, maybe this guy can have more control.

The Pirates actually snuck out a win here against the Dodgers 3-1. It was great to see a W against a great National League team on the verge of clinching the division. Not only was this big for LA, but the world was watching as well. Nothing like free publicity. Pittsburgh sure got a lot this week and the Pirates snuck in there with a cameo appearance as well.

The national media has been very kind to Pittsburgh praising the city for its cleanliness and uniqueness. It is great to be able to see so many people fond of the city that I love so dearly. With all the citizens from so many countries focusing on the area in this time of meeting, I hope every single one of them takes a piece of Pittsburgh home with them. Whether it be the various skyscrappers, the gorgeous bridges, the three rivers or the breathtaking views from Mount Washington and the outlying hills the Burgh truly is a spectacle and should be treated as a top city in the United States.

The summit was held in another one of the city’s finer features, the David L. Lawrence convention center. I have been in here many times as it is home to Pirate Fest every winter. It was also home to the All Star Fan Fest in 2006. I’ve had a blast taking in the baseball features, it would have been weird to see it transformed for a world conference.

g20 david l.jpg



  1. southernbelle

    I feel really bad for the Pirates. The crowds are pathetic. I don’t get why people wouldn’t want to go. Even if they don’t win, it is still fun to be at the ballgame. You never know what you are going to see. And who knows, you might even catch a ball. If I had tickets, I would go any day.

  2. juliasrants

    Matt – it is tough that the security in the city prevented some of the fans from getting to the game. I think it is wonderful that you are taking a poli sci class. I was a double major in college and one of my majors was poli sci. It is very important for everyone to be involved in the political process. Apathy gets our country into trouble. I’ve enjoyed seeing some of the beautiful pictures of Pittsburgh on the news. Yes, some of the protesters have gone too far, but it is great to see so many people caring enough to get out and let their voices be heard.


  3. crzblue2

    on your prior blog, I was asking you “what about Andy?” I am glad he had agreat day today. Is just too bad it was against my beloved Dodgers. I used to follow him in the minor league when he was in Jacksonville along with the other Dodgers on the team. I wonder why was he stopped when he could have the triple fo rthe cycle. Like Vriginia said, you never know what you will see at a game.
    Glad to see you are taking Pli Sci, like Julia said it is important to be involved in the political process. In countries like Mexico and Honduras, people walk for hours or take various buses so that they can get to the voting polls. I know I have seen it, people with very little money but excited to vote.

  4. Buz

    Well Matt.. It’s impressive that you are continuing studies at a fine University.. kudos. It’s not all that important to be Johnny on the Spot with your politics. You’re interests are … well, you’re interests. On a baseball note : ) Them Buccos put a whuppin on my Dodgers today.. .how about Andy LaRoche!?

    Buz –

  5. xcicix

    Hey, everyone always needs pitching. The prime minister is nothing if not cool looking! But why was he throwing out the first pitch? Why was he in Pittsuburgh, anyway? Is he a Pirates fan?
    Great job today beating the Sith by your Bucs, though. But they couldn’t limit the spectacularosity of O-Dog. But they’ve got promise! I’m excited for next year.

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