Sports taking a backseat

Hey all.


How ’bout those games last night.


First we had the Angels-Yankees. 3 solo homers from A-Rod, Damon and Jeter were not enough to hold off the battling Angels. A walk off win by Jeff Mathis allowed for LA to notch their first victory of the ALCS. The Angels are gettin some great production from their lineup especially Kendrick (3-5) and Vladdy (2-4, HR)Tonight’s pitching matchup looks brilliant as C.C. goes up against Scott Kazmir.




NLCS17910200422.jpgOn the night cap there was yet another exciting game.

The Philies jumped out to another lead and the Dodgers looked just as sluggish as in Sunday’s 11-0 beatdown. However, a nice string of hits in an inning allowed LA to come back and eventually take the lead. The Big Man as they call him, Jonathon Broxton comes in looking for a save and a win. He is in a sticky situation but he knows what needs to be done. Broxton throws pitches upwards of 99mph but is wild as Rick Vaughn and walks a batter and hits a guy to set the stage for that guy on the right. Jimmy Rollins, the hero of Philly belts a laser to right center field scoring to and winning the game 5-4. A great night for eastern PA, but not for me, nor Crzblue or Cat. Now I’m not a Dodgers fan by anymeans but I hate to see Philly win. I’m a fan of the Dodgers in the series and was really looking forward to blasting some Randy Newman, no not “you’ve got a friend in me” rather ‘i love LA

But while these teams are celebrating and gearing up for another grueling game there is one team that is trying to cope with a loss, while gearing up for their tough contest.

uconn.jpg Known mostly for their basketball power the, UCONN Huskies suffered something so terrible that no team, family or anyone should have to go through. A member if their football team was stabbed to death Saturday night following Connecticut’s victory over Louisville. At the homecoming dance following the win cornerback Jasper Howard was stabbed following an altercation. He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead.

jasper-howard-uconn-stabbingjpg-f47d0543d4baae83_medium.jpgHe was known as a great teammate, friend, son and soon to be father. He was just a junior and 20 years old, like myself. Watching this unfold over such news outlets as Sports Center and even Nancy Grace is very touching and scary at the same time. I didn’t know this guy but I know how important it is to be part of a team and treat my friends like a family. The UCONN family lost a brother over the weekend and it shatters the minds of everyone thinking, what if this happened to me?

I go to West Virginia University as much of you know, so you may be thinking why is this such a big deal to me. It is rather a huge deal to me because UCONN and my WVU Mountaineers square off on Saturday here in Morgantown. I’m nervous for this game because the Mountaineers snuck by a mediocre Marshall team 24-7 on Saturday and UCONN handled Louisville well. However aside from stats and figures, the Huskies will be so pumped up for this game in hopes of winning for the fallen teammate.  I’m a huge fan of the Mountaineers, no one can question that, but I have to wonder of life is more important than a game. There’s no question it is. That being said, I will still be cheering my heart out for my ‘Eeers, however I can only hope I will be joined by my Mountaineer brothers in honoring Jasper Howard at Mountaineer Field on Saturday.

this link shows that I am not the only one who wants to get Mountaineer nation on board for honoring the life of Mr. Howard. There is talk of making armbands with a blue #6 on them to pay homage to Howard who wore number 6.

West Virginia is known for having rowdy fans so there are questions out there whether or not the movement will be followed. It is customary to boo the opposing team when they run out of the tunnel just like it is anywhere across the world when your opponenet rushes out onto your home turf. We see it in every baseball park when a batter steps up to the plate. Heck, the entire Yankees roster is booed whenever they are out there. I hope for Saturday that the UCONN team will be cheered when they come out. The fact that they are still playing this game is a tribute to the strong will of the Huskies, that in itself deserves an applause. 

From my front row seats it is tough to be respectful to the opposing team. They stretch in fronT of the student section and even taunt some of our fans. It’ll be interesting to see the reaction of players and fans alike on Saturday. 

The game is televised at noon eastern time on ESPNU. I plan on being front row in the end zone, I’m going to be making a sign honoring Jasper and I hope to not only get on TV to show off my handsom figure but also so the world can see the Mountaineer fans have a soft spot for those who are in need.

The above link has a musical tribute to Howard, honestly brought a tear to my eye.

alg_jasper-howard.jpg                                                            R.I.P #6 



  1. diamondgirl55

    Awesome post, Matt, very touching. I know this is super delayed but in response to your comment on my “if i were a GM…” post, I REALLY would like it if Jack Wilson got on the ball and raised his batting average because although I do like Josh Wilson, Jack Wilson grew on me real fast after he came over to Seattle. I love him and really hope he’ll do better next season so he can SS everyday! Oh and P.S, how was your parents trip to PDX? I hope they had fun, I didnt’ know when they were around but the weather has been pretty nice! Let me know sometime, and hopefully your parents can convince you to take a vacation out here too! xoxo

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