UTterLEY Dissapointed

The scene was set


New Yankee Stadium, no longer just a computer model, was lit up  for the world to see. A year of great baseball was played in the “House that Jeter Built” and the Bronx Bombers were thirsty for more. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys hit song Empire State of Mind could be heard blaring across the nation not just within the limits of the Big Apple.

Up in North Canton, OH my best friend Andrew has a bottle of Malox handy and his cell phone shut off watching his Yanks make their first World Series since 2003.

Here in Morgantown, West Virginia the scene is equally as intense. A mixture of Philly Phanatics and Yankee faithful decsend upon this sleepy college town.

I’m siding with my Pinstriped bretheren as the hunt for the 27th title begins. I’ve mentioned it before that I have a disdain for the Philies. Being a light rival of the Pirates I cannot remotely cheer for them. There is also a hatred of the city of Philly in general. I do like the Rocky Movies and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but those are seperate issues.

cliff lee phillies.jpgThat guy on the left shut me up entirely. He said “You dont liek Philly, shut up!” CLiff Lee was unstoppable on the mound, absolutely dominating the Yankees.

Lee’s pitches were nasty. His breaking pitches were pinpointed excellently and were nearly impossible to hit. Throughout the course of the game Lee never lost his cool. His defense behind him was superb as well as teh glove on his right hand. Lee was in charge and looked fantastic.


Speaking of fantastic Chase Utley was just that. Utley belted two home runs and showcased power. He has been an asset for the Philies throughout the playoffs and looks like he is turning it on here when it means the most.

I said the A-Rod would be the X-factor in this series. I figured with the pitching and hitting is fairly even, but one player would have to emerge to put the critics to rest and lead their team to a World Series victory. While Rodriguez laid an egg in the first game, Utley never backed down.

The dissapointment rang true when the Yankees bullpen collapsed after a decent showing from C.C. Sabathia. After giving up 2 manageable runs he was peppered with hits and eventually relieved.

Well with one game down and more to come the Philies begin this World Series on a great note. They looked fantastic up and down the lineup and from the mound. If they can carry it out and shut the Yanks down this could get ugly, brooms may be brought out. While I doubt that will happen, New York showed no signs of promise tonight.

Adding to my dissapointment was the absence of this guy.

ronan_tynan2.jpgRONAN TYNAN. I live for Autumn baseball in New York just so I can hear the beautiful voice of the famous tenor belt out “God Bless America.”  It is breath taking and brought a tear to my eye back in 2001 after the Terrorist attacks. No offense to the lady and Military officials that sang it tonight, I just missed hearing Tynan flex his golden pipes.

I hope the Yanks can make this series competitive and see Mr. Tynan sing on the big stage.



  1. devilabrit

    I can’t believe a Pittsburgh fan doesn’t like Philadelphia…LOL
    and a friend in Canton rooting for the Yanks… wow… and I thought I was out of place, not too far from Canton by the way…
    tonight should be fun with Pedro and AJ
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  2. raysrenegade

    I still think it is kind of surreal that the Yankees got to the Big Games the first year their new stadium is open for business.
    Not throwing out controversy, or even a hint of collusion, but it is a bit, well weird.
    But this series will be fought from the mound. As a great manager once said, “Pitching sets the tone of a game.”
    And in this series, that is going to be the way to victory.

    Rays Renegade


  3. jessel

    Matt, glad you liked my article and good luck with your plans for a career in sports writing. Like you I minored in history while in college, though when I graduated I realized that I had actually taken more history courses than eco courses, which was my major. And I have good thoughts about WVU. Jerry West (old Zeke from Cabin Creek) is still my favorite basketball player ever.

    I’m am writing to you however, mostly for this reason. I see you are a Pirates fan and I have an entry on my blog about Barney Dreyfuss a great name in Pirates history. Very belatedly he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008. During the time he owned the team, only 2 other teams (the Giants and the Athletics) made more World Series appearances than the Bucs. Not only that but he also brought the first professional football championship to Pittsburgh. Oh, and, by the way, but for Barney we’ed all be sitting home now doing nothing, because he was the man who invented the World Series. If you come back to http://duddysjournal.mlblogs.com/
    I’ll think you’ll enjoy the entry. Though as journalism major I hope you can forgive my tendency toward run on sentences.

    And I have a little Pittsburgh sports/communications history for you, which concerns radio station KDKA, for many years the Pirates station. The FCC has a rule that the call letters for all radio and television stations east of the Mississippi begin with a W, and all to the west with a K. However because KDKA was the first commercially licensed radio station in the nation it was grandfathered in. Thus your beloved Pittsburgh has the distinction of being host to the only radio station in the country allowed to use the ‘wrong’ first call letter.

    And one more note. Last night’s hero, Mr. Utley, was drafted initially by the Dodgers. However he chose instead to attend college after which the Phillies snatched him up.

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