Top 100 Players of the Decade

Rob Neyer of recently released a list of the top 100 baseball players of the past decade.

The list can be found here:

I firmly believe this decade from 2000-til now has been one that was blessed with great baseball talent. Whether or not it was all natural talent remains to be seen but the domination of both pitchers and hitters reigned supreme.

Albert Pujols came in on the list at number one. No surprise there as “Albert the Great” may just become the player of the century if he keeps up his monumental efforts on the diamond.

There weren’t all that many names that really jump out at you. The A-Rod’s, the Ichiro’s the Guerrero’s are all solidified and rightfully so. Mostly dominated with American League Players this list still has a balance of power.

Roy Halladay, clad in his new Philadelphia red, is the first pitcher ranked on the list; he is enrolled at number 9.

Most of the players are still in baseball which should be assumed. A long career usually equals a greater longetivity of success.

It was not shocking that no current Pirates were on the list. Let’s face it Andrew McCutchen grew up ideolizing most of these players, a rookie is still lightyears from making a name for himself. Ryan Doumit, Zach Duke and Brandon Moss don’t fit the bill either. It is safe to say no current Pirate may even make the top 100 fantasy stars of 2010 either.

It was pleasant to see a trio of former Pirates nestled inside the top 100.

Aram.jpg Aramis Ramirez at No. 76. He surely hit his prime in Chicago but still put up solid numbers when he began his career in Pittsburgh. He hit a rut after 3 or so mediocre years after being injured chargin the mound after being hit by a pitch.

The trade of A-Ram shocked me and Pirates fans to the core. We realized his potential and couldn’t believe he would be shipped off. It did free up alot of money for the club, but yet nothing rewarding has come from the salary dump.

He is becoming a strong 3rd baseman, maybe one of the best in the league.


briangiles.jpgBrian Giles, maybe one of my top 5 Pirates of all time came onto the list at 54. Pretty awesome to see him that high, although I do not think he deserves the ranking.

He has always been underrated in my eyes.  He’s been the ideal power hitter driving out 30 homeruns and 100 RBI. He hit for average hovering around .300. 

His fielding was top notch and I do think he deserved a Gold Glove. I congratulate Brian on this achievement. San Diego never got to see the Giles I adored but he was still a solid role player.



The cream of the crop comes in at number 3. Barry Bonds indeed. Where do I start with this guy? First off, I’m not a hater. Barry did wonders for the game of baseball. He absolutely, single-handedly had the biggest impact on the MLB this decade.

The scandals, the steroid allegations, the homeruns-he captivated a nation as some cheered and others jeered.

I will go into another rant in my next post about Mr. Bonds. I feel it is necessary to give a farewell tribute considering he formally retired from the game last week.

Bonds is deserving of the 3rd spot. ANy other generation he may be number one. His power is and will forever be unmatched.





Well there ya have it. Check the list yourself. See if some of your favorite players made the cut.




  1. xcicix

    Man, I wish I could have seen Bonds back when he was a 7000-tool player. He’s got to be one of the most talented ever, I agree. We can only wonder if he hadn’t done roids and if he wouldn’t have broken every record in the book.

  2. raysrenegade

    What I always love about those “lists” is that the top 25 or so player are on everyone’s list, then it gets into personal opinion and maybe a bit of man-crush at times.
    I saw the list and agree on so many names, but I also disagree with a small percentage of his choices.
    Why is Juan Pierre, who has more stolen bases than anyone active in the MLB not at least at 99 or 100?
    M’s fireballer Felix Hernandez did not make the list, but former Halo Kelvim Escobar, who has not pitched much in 2 seasons made the list.
    Guess that players have to leave an impression on sportwriters for them to even consider them…….well, worthy of the”list”.

    Rays Renegade

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