A Bay-Bay

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Blue and Orange fits him well, don’t ya think? Nah? I don’t think so either.

Bay is quite the ball player and the baseball world has taken notice. I’m so proud that my favorite player is making the big bucks after proving himself worthy the past few years.

$66 million is a whole heck of a lot of money. Bay will make $16.5 million a year, playing for the Mets and he will be worth every penny.

Bay is the definition of a major league baseball player. He puts up the numbers, comes through in the clutch and is good with the fans and media. You really can’t ask for anything greater than that when searching for a player to build your team around.

Bay batted for 100 RBIs and 30 home runs in back to back seasons with the Red Sox. In Pittsburgh he was just as productive with 2005 and 2006 being his best years when he belted over 30 HRs and 100 RBIs in each of those seasons. He has always flirted with the .300 mark in batting average making him one of the best combinations of power and average in the league. He has consistently hit above .900 is OPS in every season he has been in the MLB.

It was an absolute joy watching him play nearly 5 seasons in Pittsburgh. He was “the guy” for
the Pirates and fans flocked to him. There’s no question Bay shirts and jerseys were the hottest selling Pirate item during his time here. His batting song “Down with the Sickness” by Disturbed could be played miles around the Pittsburgh area and fans would recognize it mostly because it was played for Bay.

There is some skepticsm about the trading of Bay and the return we got for him, however it was necessary. There was no way the Pirates would be able to afford such a fine player. This was evident even with the amount the Red Sox paid him, which was at and above $6 million. My goodness I would love to be able to pay that much for a star player, seems like a peanut amount to you big market fans doesn’t it?

I do think the Pirates unloaded him at the right time. Having been involved in a 3-way deal with the Dodgers, Red Sox and obviously the Pirates- Andy LaRoche, Brandon Moss and Bryan Morris and Craig Hanson (minor league relievers).

LaRoche and Moss were forced into starting positions and mostly underachieved. However, with a little time, patience and practice they very well could blossom to their full potential. Will either of them match the performance of Jason Bay? Probably not but good numbers      
(.280, 20, 70) are definitely achievable in the pair.

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Jason Bay is my favorite player. His outlook and demeanor are straightforward and welcoming. He isn’t boastful with his abilities and his ego isn’t inflated liek other players of his caliber. I do think he will fit in as a New Yorker, because he is so easy going. The bright lights of the Big Apple may be something new for him to adjust to, but the Trail, British Columbia knows what is at stake in a new surrounding. He may be on a short leash with fans if his performance falters, if so he will always have one fan who always has his back-ME.

Don’t worry Jason, I’m planning your triumphant August 20th homecoming to PNC Park already!

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  1. xcicix

    Listening to his conference with the radio show host, he says the right things and seems like a good all-around guy, and reasonably intelligent. It’s odd seeing him as a Met, but I suppose I’ll have to get used to it really fast.
    But it sounded like he was a bit uncomfortable with being the big star on the Pirates–it makes you wonder why he went to the Mets. They’ve got the names, but not much of a big lineup.

  2. greg1969

    I’m still interested to see how well Moss and Hanson develop in Pittsburgh. Both were highly regarded in our minor leagues, and it is something of a test case of how well our minor leagues are doing in developing our talent. 🙂

  3. TheSmiler

    Insightful analysis as always, Matt. As a mild Mets fan myself I think this is a good move for the club. As for the Pirates, I like what they’re doing … it’s very Moneyball of them, and I think they got a steal in Iwamura.

    Happy New Year to you too.

    ~ Will

  4. bklyntrolleyblogger

    August 20th? Maybe I’ll see you there. I road tripped there in 2007. Great park! I’ve been itching to go back.
    After today’s press conference today unvailing Bay to NYC, he had me at hello. My only problem is METcentric. I’m against 4 years, but I’m steamed over a 5th year vested option. Steve Phillips didn’t think much of him when he was in our system originally and traded him. I didn’t think too much of Steve Phillips. be well.


  5. redsox1027

    Surprised J. Bay turned down the Red Sox reasonable four-year offer. Not getting a whole lot more in NY, unless the 5th year option kicks in. Wish him well – he played great for his short stint here in Boston – but would have like to seem him accept a modest hometown discount to be able to play at Fenway for 81 games a year.

  6. expos_94

    Great entry, Jason Bay is a great player. It sucks seeing all the good ones leave you’re favorite team just because of money. I experienced many years of that as an Expos fan and because of that I’ll always be pulling for Pittsburgh.

    Best of luck to you and you’re team in 2010,

  7. crzblue2

    Is funny seeing Jason Bay in Mets Blue. Since I don’t watch much A.L. games, so I never got used to seeing him in Boston Red. I wish him well.
    I’ll be rooting for our Ex Dodgers Andy LaRcohe and Morris. for me once a Dodger, always a Bum.

  8. qualls_for_president

    Yeah, I’m not much of a Pitt fan, but I think Bay belongs in Black and Yellow. Good writing, man. Keep it up.

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