Congrats to the other Black and Gold



drew brees.jpgBourbon Street is rockin’ and Miami is bumpin’. The Saints are Superbowl Champs. I was rather indifferent to this game, but nonetheless, it is the Superbowl. Had a great time watching with friends and came away so impressed.

The Saints overcomed great adversity with nearly every pundit picking against them. They overcame an early ten-point defecit, which was the largest comeback in SB history.

I was watching the pre-game specials all day and tears were forming in my eyes. The clips of the ravaged New Orleanes streets were hard to witness. Interviews with citizens still trying to build their homes back was also heart wrenching. The Saints give those people hope and to see them bring home the ultimate prize is something special. I can see the movie rights being lobbied for already.

SIDENOTE: With Superbowl Sunday in the books most of us are dreading heading back to work and school for Monday-not I.

West Virginia University will remain shut down thanks to the snowstorm that shalacked Morgantown over the weekend. Nearly 2 feet of the white stuff later, much of the town is still trying to dig out. Myself, along with the 28,000 other students couldn’t be happy for an extra day of drinking   I mean STUDYING (thats for you mom). Actually there is something much larger than drinking, studying and the normal college routine. For it is Big Monday. The No. 2 ranked Villanova Wildcats come to town to do battle with our  No. 6 Mountaineers.

Deniz2110.jpgWest Virginia is riding high after a 14 point comeback win over St. Johns on Saturday. WVU is now 19-3 and needs a marquee win to secure a spot atop the Big East standings. Pictured to the left is Deniz Kilicli “The Turk” as he is affectionately known in Morgantow. He is just a freshman who can easily pass for a 30 year old man. He hails from Istanbul, Turkey and made his collegiate debut last week in the infamous Pitt game.

The student section of WVU has been under fire for the past few weeks but things really got heated in last Wednesday’s game game against the Panthers. Pitt is already our biggest rival and it was shown on Wednesday. In the previous two home games against Ohio State and Louisville the Mountaineer students were heard chanting various vulgarities and obscenities that were picked up by the television mics and heard over national television. I can’t deny it, I was in the middle of it.

After a flood of e-mails from the Vice President of the school things were hoped to be calmed down against Pitt. That wasn’t the case. At all. After a questionable call by an official at half court items such as T-shirts, bottles and cups rained down onto the court from the student section. A handful of items reached the court, probably seven from my count. This prompted head coach Bob Huggins to grab the PA mic and yell at the fans. This week there has been plenty of local and national backlash from the media about our behavior. While I agree with what they are saying and admit this is a complete embarrasment I can’t help but suggest that every incident be reported. WVU’s image is already tarnished enough acidemically, but we have had a reputation for being unruly and rowdy.

I’m sure we all have been at sporting events were a person or group of people began to chant cuss words and such. Heck I hear it everytime I watch a college sporting event on ESPN. Throwing stuff on the court? Yeah, I’ve seen it before too. The UNC-Virginia Tech game had to be stopped to clear debris from the court just last week. I’ve heard bat day at Yankee Stadium caused fans to throw wrappings and even the bats on the field. But just because we are West Virginia we need to be made an example. It really isn’t fair and makes us good seeds (such as myself) recieve the negative stereotypes when in reality it is just a few bad apples. However, just a few bad ones can ruin the fun for everyone.

 I suggest to you sports fans to watch the big basketball game tomorrow at 7 on ESPN, hopefully the classy WVU crowd shows up. I’ll be there-classy as ever.


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  1. raysrenegade

    Couldn’t of happen to a better guy who plays in a town who needs that kind of pump-up.
    People forget that New Orleans has a pretty good Triple-A team (Marlins) that brings out a lot of local fans to games.
    But based solely on want and desire, New Orleans deserved this trophy and the right to stand tall and proud.
    But, it will make Mardi Gras last an extea 9 days this year ( Not a bad thing).
    I heard a short blurp today about another storm reafy to head East of the Mississippi real soon. Hopefully this one will bump up against the Apps and move southward ( we wish).
    Stay warm and do not study too hard.

    Rays Renegade

  2. welikeroywelikeroy


    At the Rogers Centre people always try to launch paper airplanes from the Upper deck in hopes of getting the paper near homeplate. It is an ongoing thing.

    They have some kind of ritual where they allow stuff to be thrown on the field, just to get it out of fan’s system. Like the hats in hockey when a player scores 3 goals, or the Octopus thrown on the ice when the Red Wings are in the playoffs. Maybe if a kid scores 40 in a NCAA BBall game they can throw WVU shirts, or something like that?

  3. xcicix

    Ahh, that’s really frustrating when you’re unfairly treated…but as I recall, your pal Crosby isn’t too thrilled with hat trick celebrations.
    I know this may be dumb advice, but…just try to ignore it and focus on the good stuff.

  4. angelsgirl012

    like i mentioned on your other post. I hope you and you fam is alright. I heard on CNN about the blizzards and stuff. I’m such a Cali girl I can’t handle cold at all!! 😀 I admire your east coast toughness 😛

    Congrats to the Saints!!! I was so happy for them.. it was a great game too which is always good

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