A New Pirate Generation

As the snow continues to pile up…

da snow.jpgand life is slowly chuggin along. While some are without power and water for days, I feel lucky to be safe in a working apartment with a roof over my head. As West Virginia University has canceled classes in three of the last school days, we students have been overjoyed. Although the Mountaineers lost Big Monday’s basketball showdown against Villanova 82-77, I still have hope. There are seven games left in the season. Friday begins the remaining quest for the Big East Title. A rematch with Pittsburgh will be entertaining and fun to watch. I am on pins and needles for another round of the Backyard Brawl.

But something of equal importance is coming in hot.



It seems like nearly every baseball fan is going nuts with anticipation for the unofficial, well I guess it could be considered the official, start of spring training. From fellow bloggers, to Twitter-ers, the internet is really pumped for February 18th. The Pirates, along with every other official website has been counting down the days, hours and even minutes until pitchers and catchers will show up at their respective spring training locations.

I menioned this song a few entries back when naming “The Grammys of Baseball” It was at one time the official theme song of the Pirates, played as the team ran out or after every win. It hasn’t been played at PNC Park for a few years, but the tune is still heard during every radio broadcast. I have it on my iPod and many CDs. Listening to it everyday has really got me in the baseball spirit, much like Christmas music gets me in the Christmas spirit.

It is on youtube and I hope you all can appreciate this song like I do. Not only is it true, it is a great anthem for the state of the Pirates. A storied past with a bright future. This year will defintiely be a new Pirate generation. A generation filled with question marks and what ifs.

No matter the score, no matter the record-with every slide there will be Pittsburgh pride.

(the line is not only up near the blog title, it is in the song too!)

photo credit: thedaonline.com

Big thanks to Kristy for showing me how to post videos on here! 





  1. raysrenegade

    Do not dispair on the College BB front. It is at this time of the year that teams’ need to get the attention and go on winning streaks or upsets to make the NCAA Tourney hungry for your squad.
    Considering the Big East is saturated with talent this season, even the fourth or fifth place team in the Big East might have a legitimate shot at the 64 slots.
    As for the weather…..Dude, you are on your own there.
    I moved back from near the Mason-Dixon line for that same white reason that is raining problems all over the NE and Northern tier of the country.
    I wish everyone safety and a great time relaxing and keeping warm, but I am not going to volunteer to shovel any of it……..Nope, sorry!

    Rays Renegade


  2. rrrt

    Matt, watching the slide show I was reminded of how truly picturesque PNC park is. I’ve been there once (for two games) and for the first one we sat directly behind home plate a few rows from the top. It was a sunny day and the view of the field with the bridge and downtown beyond was one of the best I have seen at any ballpark so far (21 and counting).
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  3. Kaybee

    You’re right. I can’t wait for Spring Training!! Thankfully, I’ve got the FanFest to look forward to tomorrow, but then we’ll just have a little more time until pitchers and catchers report. It’s going to be a great season!

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