2010 Baseball Cards- I’ve seen better



2010toppsseries1baseballcardshobbybox.jpgWhat is nearly as welcoming as a field of green, a glove a bat and a ball? Not much but I can think of something square shaped that comes close. BASEBALL CARDS

Last weekend I spent some hard earned cash on a few packs of cards. Getting razzed by my buddies for wasting my beer money on baseball cards, I feel I made the right decision. 


Topps 2010 were the first I flocked to.

The base cards are striking with bold pictures and the team name prominently displayed. However, they seem like minature posters rather than baseball cards. Don’t get me wrong I do like them, I just don’t feel we need to “Mickey Mouse” these American traditions any more than they already.

davidwright.jpgWhile these are two great poses demonstrating these two top tier players, most of the pictures are weird and simply do not justify the players. They show the backs of some players.

Being a loyal topps customer I also wanted to dip into what the 2010 Upper Decks had to offer.

udlogo.jpgThe Upper Deck Company has always played second fiddle to Topps it seems. The pictures are always better with UD, but the classic feel is lacking. They definitely showed why they are runners up with this year’s set.


The set up of the cards are nice, for the most part. The player’s pictures are nice and centralized. Their poses are natural and easily to be deciphered. The mug shot of the player in the lower right hand corner is a nice touch. The only drawback, and it is a very big drawback, is the very bottom of the cars. It’s green! For every team, even if they are not the A’s. It is rather annoying. Also, the player’s names and team name is written in like a Times New Roman style. It doesn’t mesh well with the other natures of the cards.

Of course when opening a pack of cards I get most excited when I draw a Pirate. In the four packs I bought (2 Topps and 2 Upper Decks) I grabbed a Neil Walker and Andy LaRoche. Even though the initial thrill of baseball cards is originally opening the package, I still do not get distraught if I pull some players I could care less about. My favorite part of a card is the back where you can see stats and fun facts. The education you can get about a player from their baseball card is really underrated and something more fans should enjoy.

photo credits: beckettblog.wordpress.com, ebay.com



  1. Jane Heller

    I used to collect cards when I was a kid – all my friends did. And we’d trade them and eat the bubble gum and have a great time. But the best thing for me was when I’d sort through the pack and find a Yankee in it. Heaven.


  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I bought my first pack of baseball cards in 1974 with my own quarter! I had a great collection as a kid. Like so many others, my mom threw them out. I amassed a second collection I was very proud of. When I finished my military enlistment and came back home in 1990, that collection too, was not to be found. I’m currently on my third and most extensive collection. Gee I hope nothing happens to this one. I want my grandkids to have it….if and when. Great post…I’m a TOPPS loyalist. I think all the other makers ruined the market a while ago.

  3. crzblue2

    Well since I did not follow the game as a kid nor as a teenager, I never collected baseball cards. But I did end up to a memorabilia place in Pomona once and I boughta few, very few. There were these Dodger baseball cards they had that were put out by the Fire department. those were my first card. then I bought a Gil Hodges, Andre Ethier, Billingsley, Loney and Jonathan Broxton. I have very few but I would love to find me some other ones. I think at the All-Star Fest in anaheim, I will look for a few more.

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