March 2, 2010- a good day

From embarrassment to back on track the Pirates defeated the State College of Florida 6-1 on Tuesday afternoon. The embarrassment came last year as the community college defeated the Pirates. Yes, that really happened. Although obviously not the entire major league roster an MLB or even minor league club should handily beat any college team.

It did happen today.

There were a handful positives for Bucco fans steaming from the win today.




1). It is the start of baseball season. What is better than seeing our boys take the field for an official organized game against competition.








2). Pedro Alvarez very well could be the read deal. The “prodigy” went 3-for-4 with three straight hits including a solid double. If it is any sign of things to come, which I’m sure it is, Alavarez will be on a fast track to the hot corner in Pittsburgh.









3). Donnie Veal-remember the name. Veal was a rule 5 pickup last offseason and is said to have killer potential. He was injured for a majority of the year in 2009 but showed promise in a depleted bullpen. He was a part of th Arizona Fall League and tore up the mound last Autumn. Today he went just one inning, but did not allow a hit and struck out a batter. He will begin the year in the Pirate bullpen, but has the talent to make a run at a rotation spot later on in the season.


The players in the lineup for the Bucs today were all minor league prospects who will not sniff the big leagues for a while. Alvarez and Jose Tabata are two of the exceptions. However, Brandon Moss too was in the lineup. Moss had a sensational game hitting a home run, but to be playing with these youngsters would have to be pretty demeaning if I were in his shoes. 

moss.jpg Moss has failed to live up to lofty expectations the past two seasons. It is questionable whether or not he will make the big league roster. He surely needs the work in AAA, but there is a fighting chance he will be the last bench spot. He will be in tight competition with Delwyn Young and another rule 5 acquistion, John Rayner. I personally hope Young is part of the opening day 25-man roster



There are two more reasons why today has been a good day.

Over the weekend I set out with some friends to the Morgantown Mall, anticipating a big purchase. I had my sights set on buying a new hat. I had bought a gray Pirates earlier this year but Saturday I really wanted to be unique with a new team. After much consideration and second guessing I left with this:

SF.jpgYes my friends a San Francisco Giants hat. Odd? Maybe. Unique? Indeed. It is something different and I like being a trend setter here. I have seen these on campus before, but it is very rare. I recieved about three compliments on my new cap and I am proud of my purchase.

Reson number three, last but not least is some big news.

After interviewing for an internship with the West Virginia Power minor league baseball team,
wv power.jpg class A of the Pirates, a few weeks ago I recieved a call back today. I was selected to be an intern. I am overjoyed at this opportunity as it will help further my career and give me a leg up in a field I hope to work in. There are still specifics that need to be worked out, I need some extra cash and a place to stay as the Power makes their home in Charleston, about a three hour drive from Morgantown.

I still have time to think it over, but good news is always welcome.

Everybody who has MLB Network should tune into it tomorrow at 1pm as the Pirates take on the Yankees. I do not pickup the station but my buddy’s girlfriend does. Manager John Russel has said both Paul Maholm and Ross Ohlendorf will pitch in the opening game against NY. Get pumped! Because I am!

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  1. Jane Heller

    Congrats about the internship!!!! Very exciting. I hope you can work out the details. And yes, I’m pumped about Yanks-Pirates tomorrow. It’ll be interesting to face Ohlendorf, in particular. I always thought he showed a lot of promise.

  2. TribeTed

    Talk about Miracle on Ice, what about Miracle on Dirt? The Pirates losing to Florida community college? Ouch.

    But hey I’m not one to brag, my Indians aren’t far behind.

    I’m glad spring training is underway and I am excited just like you. Good luck Pirates.


  3. onemanrevival

    Good thoughts on today’s game. I think you’re dead on about Alvarez and Veal. Moss will have to have a killer spring to make the team.

    On the purchase, it’s a good one. I think I saw a lot of Giants caps in the late 90’s start popping up. Most bought theirs because of Bonds having success with them. I personally liked Matt Williams. He might have broke the home run record in 1994 if the season hadn’t been stopped.

    Congrats on the internship. I know the Power are located south of Charleston, but with the interstate, I might recommend a place like St. Albans. Sure, it might be a half-hour drive to the ballpark, but it’s a nicer area as long as you stay off 60 near the strip clubs.

    I also write on the Pirates here too. Check out my stuff at


  4. TheSmiler

    Yeah, Matt … an Expos hat would’ve been gutsy. But even as a Dodger fan I’m not a Giants hater and I actually dig their gear. I applaud the choice. Had you chosen the DBacks, well, then we probably couldn’t have been friends anymore. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Kudos on the internship. Make it happen, whatever it takes. It can only enhance your ambitions. And if you’re ever made a GM, try to remember some of us little people who’d love to break into the baseball business.

    ~ Will

  5. devilabrit

    Matt congrats on the internship, hope it all goes good for you. I am interested to see how the Pirates fair this year, I think I have them slated to break the .500 barrier. I also think Alvarez is going to be good for the Pirates…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  6. bigideas


    I am glad the hat is working out for you. Here’s a little advice. Do what ever you can to take the internship. I decided to take a job for the pay instead of love. I am compensated very well but it was the wrong decision. I am trying to get back into baseball now. I never should have left. It sucks to put your dreams on hold.

    Go for it and don’t look back.


    Keep up the good work.

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