A case of the Mondays

For the first time this spring the Buccos held their first split squad games. Both teams were in action today against the Yankees and Rays.

New York and Tampa Bay both defeated the pair of Pittsburgh teams.

The Yanks shut out the Pirates 6-0. Steve Pearce recorded the only hit of the contest for the Bucs, a single.

Thumbnail image for stevepearce.jpgPearce has long been heralded as the next big thing in Pittsburgh, however his time is running short.

In 2007 after just one season in A ball, he made the jump to the majors, swiftly moving through the system. It was just too much too soon as he was overwhelmed at the plate and at first base.

Last season he spent a majority of the season in AAA Indianapolis setting career highs in every offensive category. It was not the same story in the majors. In 60 games in Pittsburgh, Pearce batted six points over the Mendoza Line with just a .206. He lacked power that he showed throughout the minors just hitting four homeruns.

He has a chance to make the team out of camp but that most likely will not happen. There is a heated battle for the last bench spots and Pearce will be one of the odd men out.


The Rays and Pirates played their way to 10 innings, but TB outlasted the Bucs 4-3. Brian Friday hit a homerun for Pittsburgh.

In a similar, yet completely different scenario, Friday is in a “Pearce like position.” For about the last two years he has made a name for himself in the minors.


With the major league roster jammed with infield talent (Ronny Cedeno, Delwyn Young, Akinori Iwamura, Ramon Vazquez) Friday will need at least another year in the minors to develop.

The Rice University product spent last year in AA Altoona. He hit just .265 but is said to have a great glove. By showing pop in his bat today he may just be “the guy” at second in say 2012.




The Bucs will bring the team together tomorrow when they face the Yankees yet again.

Remember me issuing my excitement for Tuesday’s WVU baseball game? Well it was postponed due to the snow still on the field. It is melting rather quickly as temperatures reached the mid-50’s in Morgantown today. But I hear the field is wetter than the Everglades. They may be able to get in Thursday’s game however.

To hold me over these next three days I have Wednesday to look forward to. The Pirates take on the Orioles Wednesday at 7p.m. The game will be televised on FSN Pittsburgh. My buddy Andrew is a big Orioles fan so we will enjoy watching this game together.

photo credits: espn.com, pirates.scout.com







  1. raysrenegade

    Got to tell you that game was intense.
    Neither team wanted to stay behind for too long, and it really came down to the guys who might be at Triple-A to either defend or get the go-ahead runs.
    But that is the fun part about the Spring, you can split the squads and still see some awesome offensive and defensive work by almost everyone on the Spring roster in one day.
    More and more I am liking Tabata and wondering if the Pirates will leave Bradenton with him this season.
    If he keeps up like this, he might make that decision very difficult.

    Rays Renegade


  2. crzblue2

    Snow on the field while I was getting burned on Saturday in Arizona! Is amazing the difference in temperatures between states.
    We did get rainout on Sunday and the temperatures got cooler but there was a game on Monday. We attended the morning B game at Camelback and then headed to Scottsdale for the game against the Giants. We losted in the 10th but we had a great time being there! Parking does suck in Scottsdale.

  3. Elizabeth D.

    I’m going to the Red Sox vs Pirates game this weekend… I’ll be sure to take lots of pics of the Pirates for you. If you want specific pics/videos of anyone in particular, let me know!
    It’s disappointing when the prospects don’t perform up to their potential… there IS a transition period, but still… hopefully Pearce will turn it around. Gotta love the prospects!

  4. devilabrit

    Still waiting for the Phillies to actually put in a outstanding performance… think they’ve only won 1 so far… but its fun hearing of the escapades as they try out their stuff… hoping for a turnaround tonight since they’re on tv..
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

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